Damon Tong at a group exhibition - “Walking to Canton”, and a Hong Kong and Guangzhou joint exhibition - “Walking to Canton x Canton Canton”
14 Jan,2010 - 30 Sep,2010


Before 1949, due to the under-developed transport system, it was quite common for Hong Kong people to walk to Canton. During the Guangzhou-Hong Kong strike in 1925, thousands of Hong Kong workers abandoned their workplaces and walked to Guangzhou to support the strike. During the Japanese occupation, many Hong Kong citizens were deported to the Mainland, in line with the authorities’ repatriation policy. "Walking to Canton" can thus be understood as a historical reference to the action of "uniting" with our homeland or of being deported from our adopted city. Traditionally, the rattan suitcases were considered the best travel companions for those "Walking to Canton".


"Walking to Canton" is the featured exhibition of Fringe Club's City Festival this year. Damon and 14 local young artists have designed gifts for Guangzhou in an attempt to inspire a new trend in non-material assistance. In return, 15 young artists from Guangzhou will send their gifts to Hong Kong, portraying the history, culture and other visual experiences in Canton, in line with the ideology of "Guangzhouzism".


The 15 presents created by the new art generation from Hong Kong will be carried in 15 rattan suitcases and presented to Hong Kong audiences, together with the 15 art pieces by the young artists from Guangzhou.


Exhibition dates and venues:


14 January - 12 February 2010 at Fringe Club


16 January - 21 February 2010 at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre


September 2010 at Fei Gallery

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