20111007 Melting Memories #2
07 - 18 Oct,2011

Jumaldi Alfi – Solo Exhibition “Melting Memories #2” in Jakarta

7 – 18 Oct 2011

At the end of September 2010, Jumaldi Alfi started his artist residency program at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), an institution that actively encourages new practices in contemporary art, especially in print and papermaking techniques. Through the support of equipment, technology, and outstanding technical skills provided by the experts at STPI studio, Alfi had the great opportunity to explore a wide range of possibilities, transforming the visual compositions he has created in his paintings into prints.

The end of 2010 until the first half of 2011 was a busy and productive time for Alfi. A few weeks before his residency at STPI, Alfi had completed a series of paintings, installations and videos which he presented in a solo exhibition titled Life / Art # 101: Never Ending Lesson. The exhibition was held in Yogyakarta (September 2010), and later Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (in cooperation with the Valentine Willie Fine Art). A number of prints made at STPI’s studio are closely linked to this particular body of work in terms of ideas and visual themes due to the short time period between preparing for his solo exhibition \"Life / Art # 101\" and working at STPI’s studio; while many other new works are representing a variety of visual elements that had been familiar in his paintings in different ways, techniques, and medium. A number of Alfi’s prints from his STPI residency were later exhibited in a solo exhibition \"Melting Memories\" (STPI, February 29-March 26, 2011).

As Alfi was very prolific at STPI, he had produced a large number of works but could not fit all the works into one show. Now, the public in Jakarta has the opportunity to view these interesting prints, a number of which have not been exhibited at the STPI show. Selected paintings with visual themes related to Alfi’s print works complement this presentation. They reveal Alfi’s intense focus while working with specific visual themes, and encourage the audience to compare the different ways in which Alfi has employed and played with differing techniques and media in his visual exploration. ( curated by Enin Supriyanto)

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