Jumaldi Alfi at “AWARENESS, Indonesian Art Today” curated by Lely Oei
06 Jun,2009 - 04 Jul,2009

Curator of Southeast Asia art, Lely Oei presents a group exhibition “AWARENESS, Indonesian Art Today” featuring some of the hottest contemporary Indonesian artists: Made Wianta, Arahmaiani, Pupuk Daru Purnomo, Nasirun, Jumaldi Alfi, Andy Dewantoro and Ay Tjoe Christine, at Canvas International Art, The Netherlands.

According to Lely Oei, Jumaldi’s work is a voyage of discovery. There is always something new to see and some new detail that demands attention. At the same time the work exudes tranquillity and also retains something intangible. Alfi said that every single piece of his works deals with the past, not with the future. He said that he cannot paint if not on the edge. His paintings are mostly abstract, or abstract filled with objects like stones, cactus plants, small figures, letters, numbers or other tiny objects as accents.

Date: 6 June – 4 July 2009
Venue: Canvas International Art, Fokkerlaan 46 1185 JC Amstelveen, The Netherlands

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