Solo show of S Teddy D. at ARK Gallery, Jakarta
31 Oct,2009 - 20 Nov,2009

After finishing his big project for the Singapore National Museum, Teddy felt an urge to highlight the issue of war. He wants to give the world a shout, that any war is already enough- no matter what reasons there are behind it. Nations and politicians have waged war with furnished justified reasons, but how could people give righteousness to war when it has been stealing the very first right of each human being: life?

All of Teddy’s works in his solo exhibition explore the issue of war as a fundamental question of our lives. Symbols and icons that express meaning or idea of over-rationalized war, and the damage it has caused to human civilization are not newly invented, but now they come back again. They are turned into a new form and are re-interpreted by Teddy. By reforming those symbols and icons over and over again, we would soon be wide awake and realize that we are well threatened. The artist does not want us to forget even for a second the never ending question: why do we need war? His answer is clear and loud: WE DON’T.


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