Y u n i z a r

Born in 1971 in Talawi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. A member of the Jendela Art Group, Yunizar's work embodies the beauty and purity in human creativity, emerging spontaneously from what appears as his unconscious mind. Intentionally uses simple subject matter, objects which surround his daily life, and a simple painting and sketching technique to focus almost entirely on creativity and inventiveness.

The childlike quality of Yunizarˇ’s work belies a complex narrative, through the recurring themes on his canvas including stiff figures, mask-like portraits, mythical creatures and floating objects; which intimately linked with a timeless dream world and a poetic and somewhat quiet presence. In these playful and beautifully balanced compositions, there is a spiritual searching of the mind, a journey in a quest for self and identity.

Education and Background
Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Fine Art High School, Padang, Indonesia

Selected Solo Exhibitions
"Coretan: Recent works by Yunizar", NUS Museum, Singapore

Taksu Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Meaningless Letter", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
"Coretan Rasa", Emmitan Fine Art Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia
"Biasa Aja", Gajah Gallery, Singapore

"Reborn", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

"Ruang dan Keliaran", Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Room, Space & Wilderness", Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibitions
"REACH FOR THE HEART", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

"Expose #1 – A Presentation of Indonesian Contemporary Art by Deutsche Bank & Nadi Gallery", Four Season Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Manifesto", The National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Tribes", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
"Indonesian Invasion", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

"Indonesian Contemporary Art Now", Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Keindahan dibalik karya garis", Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Cilukba", Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"40 Plus, 40 Minus", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

"Time & Sign", Vanessa Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Angkor -The Djin within", Gajah Gallery, Singapore
"Common Link", Vanessa Art link, Beijing, China
"Art & Tabbacco", Magelang, Java, Indonesia

"Spirit of Play", Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Biasa", Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Mempertimbangkan Tradisi", The National Gallery of Indonesia, Indonesia
"Merahnya Merah", Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Membaca Dunia Widayat", H. Widayat Museum, Mungkid, Magelang, Java, Indonesia

"EPIC", Gajah Gallery, Singapore
"Borobudur", H. Widayat Museum, Mungkid, Magelang, Java, Indonesia
"Interpellation", CP Open Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Pose", KSRJ, Affandi Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"New Sensation", Gajah Gallery, Singapore, Indonesia
"Bias Batas", Edwin's Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Hiding", Santi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"88 Years Primordial", Taman Budaya Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Indonesia Expression", Singapore, Indonesia
"Contemporary Art Exhibition", Bali, Indonesia

"Prasidha 93", Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Two City Dialog (Dialog Dua Kota II)", Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Dies Natalis", Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Prasidha 93", Bentara, Yogyakarta, Indonesia