2011-12 Island by LV
17 Sep,2011 - 01 Jan,2012

Sin Sin presents the painting of Yunizar in “Island” – The inaugural exhibition by Louis Vuitton at Espace Louis Vuitton Singapore

17 Sep 2011 – Jan 2012

September 18, 2011, Singapore - To celebrate the opening of the Louis Vuitton Island at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and to continue its commitment to the artistic and cultural life of the city, Louis Vuitton is proud to present "Islands".

The inaugural exhibition will be staged at Espace Louis Vuitton Singapore, the cultural space located in the tunnel connecting the first Louis Vuitton Maison in Southeast Asia and the Marina Bay Sands mall.

Featuring artworks on the theme of islands by 15 internationally renowned artists, the exhibition reflects different themes and concepts relating to this geographic landscape such as sanctuary, solace, haven, utopia and linkage. In this mixed media exhibition, there are 3D sculptures, a video installation, paintings and photographs.

To echo the unique, nautical-inspired interiors of the Island, the artworks also explore the relationship with the sea and the notion of borders, transitions and journeys.

According to Jonathan Thomson, the exhibition curator, islands have a key place in art and literature and in our dreams and desires. They are places onto which we may project our romanticism and idealism.

As Singapore is an island state, the exhibition will have particular resonance with the local audience. The Islands exhibition opens to public on September 18 and continues until Jan 2012.

Artists :
Australia: Dennis Nona
China: Zhan Wang, Liu Jian Hua, Weng Fen, Chi Peng
Hong Kong: Chow Yun Fat
Indonesia: Yunizar
Japan: Naofumi Maruyama
Korea: Lee Sea Hyun, Park Jin Won Ho-Yeol Ryu
Malaysia: Eric Chan
Singapore : Charles Lim Yi Young
The Philippines: Gary Ross Pastrana
UK: Andy Goldsworthy

Exhibition curator: Jonathan Thomson

  17 Sep,2011 - 01 Jan,2012 2011-12 Island by LV 23 Sep,2010 - 05 Oct,2010 Yunizar’s solo exhibition "JOGJA PSYCHEDELIA" in Yogyakarta, Indonesia