"Education Money" for children's education in Indonesia
02 - 29 Aug,2009

The School Tuition Project was initiated to help children's education in Indonesia by selling "school tuition" coins. Half of the coin sales will be donated to children’s education, and the rest will be used for the production of the coin. This project is built to meet the expensive education cost in Indonesia.

Theresia Agustina Sitompul's concept for "Education Money", featured in "from 2D to 3D" at Sin Sin Fine Art,  is derived from a banner she saw, which says, "Small change is not enough to give education to them." Yet she thinks even small change is very important. And she wants people to realize that the money they spend on the artwork can make a difference for small children without education.

The beneficiary of this project, Sanggar Anak Alam (SALAM), is located in Kampung Nitiprayan, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. SALAM was built in this village because of the low attention and awareness among parents for the children's education including pre-elementary education. Assisted by several volunteers, this project is developed into several other activities including environmental programs, art and culture activities, children's library, children’s journalism and pre-elementary education.

  02 - 29 Aug,2009 "Education Money" for children's education in Indonesia