Putu Sutawijaya’s solo exhibition "Gesticulation" in Jakarta, Indonesia
28 Sep,2010 - 07 Oct,2010

Sangkring Art Space was in collaboration with Bentara Budaya Jakarta for the solo exhibition "GESTICULATION" by Putu Sutawijaya, which was opened by Bapak Butet Kartaredjasa on 28 September 2010.

The practice and process of human body create gesture, which can be described by action of producing lingual-acoustic gesture through communication. Putu’s sculpture and installation stayed focus on human body representation and gesture in the exhibition, even though he proposed different context to achieve what he wanted.

"To create the body can tell the story," Putu says. The gesture of human body on his works has more varieties that are about ideas and ambiguity hidden in the historical process, continuity and discontinuity, traditional and changing, obey and resistance, and also redefinition of the welfare culture identities. He is questioning a critical questionnaire and hard gesticulation, which is fragile at same time.

Dewa Budjana, a Balinese guitarist, was the performer of the opening ceremony. Besides, "Ceritalah Indonesia" written by Karim Raslan will be launched at the exhibition.

Date: 28 September - 7 October 2010
Venue: Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Jalan Palmerah 17, Jakarta 1070
Website: www.sangkringartspace.net
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