"TAMAN" Pande Ketut Taman solo exhibition at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Indonesia
25 Sep,2009 - 25 Oct,2009

Following his last solo exhibition in Jakarta, in 2004, Pande Ketut Taman returns to display his newest works at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali. His current exhibition marks a further milestone for Taman and his understanding of "clear water philosophy", where the color spectrum is the amalgamation of the various colors merging as one; a sum of all flavors coming together, producing the most complete of all tastes, clarity.

This philosophy is presented through his paintings in only two colors, black and white, or the grays as a mixture of both. Upon his canvases, Taman introduces the crowd, set in the same and uniform pattern, a consolidation of small human figures, transfiguring into a myriad of forms. We are reminded of his colossal piece "Menyentuh Langit" (2005, lit. "Touching Heaven") also on display in Komaneka Gallery.

In this exhibition, entitled "TAMAN", Pande Ketut Taman works with various forms and elements upon his canvases. There are spiritual-tinged forms next to those of the profane, a boisterous crowd and hushed bareness. There are dark wood hues and the glisten of metals. All of these elements are present in the form of paintings, sculptures and installations, on display from 25 September 2009.

These seemingly contradictory elements are at the heart of Balinese religious philosophy known as rwa bhineda, complementary opposites that together form a complete cosmos. The equivalent is the Chinese yin-yang, which is interpreted in one of Taman’s current paintings showing the symbol swirling with gray figures, a mixture resulting from the usual black and white. Brightness is possible because there is something dark, beauty known when compared to the ordinary. Yet such comparisons are only relative and change with a brighter object or more grotesque one; things are not always what they appear to be and can be completely subjective based on the viewer.

Date: 25 September – 25 October 2009
Venue: Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

  25 Sep,2009 - 25 Oct,2009 "TAMAN" Pande Ketut Taman solo exhibition at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Indonesia