Group Painting Exhibition "Hitcman"
06 - 19 Feb,2011

Danes Art Veranda presented Hitam Putih Group in a Group Painting Exhibition \"Hitcman\". The artists included, Agung Darmayuda, Alit Suaja, Anthok.S, Bangbang Ariana, I Gusti Ngurah Buda, Lekung Sugantika, Made Sudiarta, Pande Paramartha, Sani and Susana. In this exhibition, the artists did not present their individual artwork. They created a figure named Hitcman. Hitcman is a superhero who visualizes his vision and mission in art with compounding each Hitam Putih Group member\'s character. He is athletic, winged, armed and hold a globes. Hitchman was painted in a single 8 meters canvas that was painted together by those tenth Hitam Putih Group members.
  06 - 19 Feb,2011 Group Painting Exhibition "Hitcman"