2011Oct issue, Departures
01 Oct,2011 - 01 Jan,1970

Fung Ming Chip – published on the cover story of “Departures” magazine, October issue

The current issue of Departures Magazine in has published the works of Fung Ming Chip as their front cover & cover story. The magazine shows the eight original seals created by the artist.

"The Chinese-born Fung carved these eight original seals out of soapstone and artfully stamped them on traditional xuan paper for this issue’s cover. Here, he tells us what they mean: “For more than 2,000 years, seals have played a crucial role in East Asian culture. They are not always only literal expressions but often reflect the character of their creators. From left to right, the first two seals simply display my Chinese name, while the third one represents my studio, Four “No” Studio (for no principle, no judgment, no reality, no truth). Some, like the cloud, just depict images I like, and the rabbit and carrot are because I was born in 1951, the Year of the Rabbit. They can also just e sayings. The last seals display two of my personal favorites: “Life of ease’ and 'Right and wrong all life long'."

Quote from Departures, October issue, P224

  01 Oct,2011 - 01 Jan,1970 2011Oct issue, Departures