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On the evening of September 11th, the solo exhibition “THE DANCE OF REMEMBERING” featuring Putu Sutawijaya's latest paintings was opened with a memorable artistic experience, "Menjadi Become". It is a collaborative art performance - a cross-boundary approach to connect the spirits in Balinese ritual offerings with the contemporary Hong Kong. The audience was enthralled by this powerful expression, enhancing their appreciation of Putu Sutawijaya's paintings




Artist: Putu Sutawijaya

Exhibition Period: September 11th ,2014 – 31st October ,2014



It is such a great honour and real pleasure for us to be able to bring the latest works by the renown Indonesian artist Putu Sutawijaya to Hong Kong. Especially since he participate in public exhibition very rarely. Through his latest series of paintings shown in "The Dance of Remembering", Putu demonstrates that  the act of dancing and painting are one: it is the act of living, of remembering who we were, who we are, who we are becoming.  


“Jean Michel Basquiat and friends”

Artist: Roland Hagenberg

Exhibition duration: November 7th – December 28th ,2014


During the 1980s Austrian artist, photographer and writer Roland Hagenberg documented the art world in New York, where he met Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Mapplethorpe and dozens of other renowned artists in their studios. Among them was also Jean-Michel Basquiat whom Hagenberg photographed while painting in his Crosby Street studio. The result was a portfolio of black and white photographs depicting Basquiat’s dark-romantic world with a sense of foreboding: A few years later the painter overdosed on heroin at age 28. At auction houses Basquiat’s paintings are now on level with the most expensive contemporary art works worldwide.


For the first time, a book with Roland Hagenberg's Basquiat photographs will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.


The GF4D Giving Back Art & Design 2014

Artist: Sin Sin Man

Period: October 21st~22nd 2014

Venue: The Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan Convention Hall, Busan, Korea

GF4D’s cultural content, ‘Giving Back Art’ is a collaboration from various ethical world artists and designers that take the lead in promoting and fulfilling their Social Responsibilities. ‘Giving Back Art’s profits will be given back to cultivate the young generation in underprivileged countries under the GF4D’s scholarship program. Our director Sin Sin Man has been invited to represent Hong Kong for this event.



City Of Dreams Project

Artist: Maria Lobo

Venue: City Of Dreams Manila, Philippines

Website: www.cityofdreams.com.ph/



Maria Lobo looks to her heritage for inspiration. Her work is "East Meets West" in both imagery and technique, reflecting her multi-cultural background as well as the East/West environment in which she lives. She frequently exhibits her work in the US, Canada and Hong Kong. And this year, she has been invited to display her new collection of Pigment Print on Archival Paper artworks at the City Of Dreams in Manila, Philippines.




Venue: Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Event Date: 26th September - 3rd October 2014


From September 22 to 27, Goethe-Institut Indonesien in collaboration with ISI Yogyakarta presents a series of comic-related events as part of COMIC'S WEEK Yogyakarta. German artist Reinhard Kleist will attend the festival and hold comic workshops, sharing sessions as well as a live drawing & music event. An exhibition highlighting Reinhard Kleist’s works held at Gallery Sangkring Art Space which belongs to Putu Sutawijaya.






FULL MOON Meditation of Great Compassion 
Event Date: October 8th
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 54 Sai Street
A powerful and inspirational eventing led by Ocean Whitehawk, to invoke for all present, and the world at large:
Inner Peace
Deep Healing
Divine Blessings
Compassionate Prayers
This is a Free Event with very Limited Space.
RSVP +852 2858 5072
Please bring your own cushion and driking water and have your meal two hours in advance.

“Wearable Art” by Sin Sin Man
Event Date: November 17th – November 20th 2014
Venue: CKG & EMMY Private Salon, 30 Rue Gassendi, Paris, France


Sin Sin Man presents her very own collection of Cambodian Silk, Mongolian Cashmere Felt, Bali Silver Jewelry and Anywhere Bag all the way from Hong Kong to CKG & EMMY Private Salon in Paris for an exclusive show.


“Asia Contemporary Art” featuring works by Fung Ming Chip, Eddie Hara, S. Teddy Darmawan is also part of this special event in Paris.


Ubud Writer and Reader Festival

Event Date: October 1-5, 2014

Venue: Ubud, Bali- Indonesia

Website: www.ubudwritersfestival.com


Ubud Writer and Reader festival is held annually in Ubud, the Balinese artistic and cultural heathland, the Ubud Writer. The festival this year sets its sights on October 1-5, 2014, and will honour Saraswati, the Balinese Hindu goddess of learning, with the theme of ‘Wisdom & Knowledge’.


*Photo credit: Ubud Writer and Reader Festival courtesy