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September was an unforgettable month for Sin Sin Fine Art.  To celebrate our 10th anniversary, 33 artists from 8 countries created artful cabinets especially for the “10 Years After” Exhibition.  The opening day culminated with a lively performance of traditional lion dance, followed by memorable evening surrounded by beloved friends and art-lovers - marked with a vibrant floral billboard. The "10 Years After" Exhibition is on going now through October 31st 2013. You wouldn't want to miss out on this unique exhibition!


”10 Years After” Exhibition
Exhibition Period: Now – 31.10.2013

33 artists from 8 countries created artful cabinets especially for this occasion. The group exhibition considers how relationships are built upon several layers of engagement over time. The cabinet alone may be viewed as art, yet the content within reveals the full intimacy and complexity of ideas.


Videographer Yiannis Biliris captured the greatest moments of "10 Years After" Exhibition, and we would like to share with you.


Please click on the image to view the video.


"10 Years After" Book Launch

 Book launch: 18.10.13 / 6:30-9:30pm


In conjunction with the "10 Years After" Exhibition, Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to announce the book launch of '10 Years After', published by MCCM Creations. Edited by curator-writer Yang Yeung and with foreword written by Valerie Doran. The book includes sketches by 33 artists and writing by several friends.


Don't miss a dance performance by Mandy Yim & Victor Ma of Y-Space at 7:30pm.


機緣的意義: 馮明秋
Meaning in Timing: Fung Ming Chip's calligraphic art

Exhibition Period: 8.11.13 – 30.12.13 / 9:30am – 6:30pm

Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents a new series of calligraphic arts by Hong Kong artist Fung Ming Chip, being held from 8.11 – 30.12.2013.  Fung is a poet and a self-taught artist.  He has a deep interest in seal carving and Chinese calligraphy.   Believing calligraphy is an art of time and space, he composed most of the verses and prose in his calligraphic works.  In this new body of works, he replaced Chinese characters with numerals.  Fung is going beyond the traditional paradigm.


The Silk Journey with Nadya at Sin Sin Atelier


Date and Time:  9.10.13     /  2:00 – 8:00pm

10.10.13  /  11:00 – 6:00pm
Cocktail Party:  9.10.13    /   6:00 – 8: 00pm


Sin Sin Atelier is delighted to present to you an exciting array of textile works by Nadya.


Her collection of unique, hand-crafted garments is inspired by extensive travels through Asia and Europe. Her experience of working in the fashion industry in Paris, combining European sophistication with the excitement of Asian textiles and silhouettes, created the Nadya aesthetic -- a distinctive look worn by discriminating women around the world.


Bring your friends to experience this silk journey along with Nadya! Nadya will make an appearance at the Cocktail Party at 6-8pm on 9 Oct.


A portion of the proceeds from sale will go to the Begawan Foundation Bali Starling Breeding and Release Program.






Repertoire by Miranda
Opening Reception Cocktail Party: 1.11.13 / 6:00 – 8:00pm
Preview: 1.11.13 / 3:00pm
Exhibition Duration: 1.11 - 11.11.13

repertoire is a knitwear collection created by Miranda. Knitwear could be one of the most powerful contemporary languages to preserve and interpret traditional Chinese clothes-making philosophy. The author of flatness folded takes the challenge to create a capsule collection of knitwear, named repertoire fits with the dynamism of modern living while embracing China's millennia-old clothes-making wisdom of flatness, two-dimensional cutting and conservation.

5% of any individual purchase from this show will be donated to a charity.

Grasp the chance to enjoy a lovely stay at a stunning villa in Bali


Sin Sin Villa Bali is delighted to offer a special all-in price of USD350 per night (normally USD420++). To make it even more irresistible, Cathay Pacific is also doing a special offer for direct flights to Bali. Don’t miss this golden chance to have a lovely and relaxing time in Bali in style with Sin Sin Villa Bali!


Terms and conditions:

-         Booking period: from now until 31st October
-         Travel day: from now to 19th December 2013
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-         Valid for 2 persons

*** booking is based on availability


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Hiromi Miyakita and Akio Suzuki Perform in

Exhibition Period: 6.10.13


Japan aims at preservation and revival of the former JNR abandoned railway. Hiromi will be jointly performing with Akio Suzuki to mark the event.


Come and catch up with Hiromi and Akio after their last participation in exhibition “Soul Cleansing” held by Sin Sin Fine Art in January.


Observe and imitate others - Nasirun's fine art
Exhibition Period: 1.10.13

The show will open by: Gus Mus (KH. A. Mustofa Bisri)

Also perform:

-  Rubuh-Rubuh Gedhang Ritual by Gundono

-  Spiritual talk by Gus Yusuf and Romo Sidhuanata

-  Wayang Jemblung (traditional Banyumasan - Central Java puppet performance)


Sinopsis Re-PLAY #5


Re-PLAY #5 presents an installation work of highly esteemed senior artist Anusapati which is titled The Shelters and includes three sculptural works, a drawing, and a video. 


The Shelters presents a rather monumental format of charcoal on paper. A concise video finally sums up the elements, providing deeper insight into the artist’s artistic process and thinking.

The Shelters has been previously shown in Materiality, Anusapati’s one man show in Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2012.

Curatorial Team: Dio Pamola and Anton Rais Makoginta


Peter Dittmar in group exhibition at MANLY ART GALLERY & MUSEUM Exhibition Period: 8.11.13 / 6:00pm


“Tribute to Ralph Balson” 2013/Sydney Please come to the opening of the group show “KEEPING COMPANY” at MANLY ART GALLERY & MUSEUM on FRIDAY 8. NOVEMBER at 6pm