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During the month of September, we have shown Poetic Layers, a Solo Exhibition by French artist Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve). The Opening reception on the 6th was a great success attracting extensive attentions from all walks. We are very pleased to be joined by distinguished guests from Indigo Living Ltd. and the French Consulate. If you happened to miss the exhibition, please don't hesitate to take a virtual tour to Wensen Qi's artistic world of lacquer by clicking into our website. 


Youri Leroux’s Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: 9th October 2012

Exhibition Duration:  9th October – 6th November 2012

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of French artist Youri Leroux with the gallery.

Youri Leroux is no stranger to Sin Sin Fine Art and our appreciative audiences. His first solo exhibition with the gallery dates back to the May of 2004. In the past eight years, we have hosted two solo exhibitions for him and three group exhibitions where he collaborated with other artist in presenting their works. During the process, he and his paintings traveled, evolved, and matured. If you still remember from our past exhibitions, his works used to focus on the curves of the female body and the plumpness, sensuality, shapes and shadows that it emanates. Now the female in the picture is gone, whereas the femininity quietly extends.  Releasing from the bondages of shape, he heaps unconventional materials and paints, brushing and scratching them in order to reach the firstly applied material. Thereupon, a toughing and moving kind of “small writing” is born from his new abstract paintings.

Youri Leroux was born and raised in the North of France, a region whose landscapes have seduced many artists. His first exhibition was held at Le Masquere (France) with fifteen other artists, and now his works appear in Art-London (United Kingdom), SOFA-New York (U.S.A), Art Metz (Metz) and etc. Right up to today, his works have been centering on the four main themes of eroticism, travel, literature and writing.


Sin Sin was invited to visit the wonderful country of Liechtenstein where works of Indonesian artists were shown for its public for the first time in history. Now let's take a tour with Sin Sin and lift the veil of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein Oh Liechtenstein

First of all, I feel very honored to be invited to Liechtenstein to share my love of Indonesian art with Liechtenstein people. It was my first time to visit the country, and I have to say that Liechtenstein is a wonderful country with beautiful nature and friendly, artistic people. I found the government to be very supportive to art and their artists, which is evident in the existence of Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Art, and in the new Museum of Contemporary Art that they are building right now. I was privileged to meet some of the local artists, among them is Evelyne Bermann who is also the President of the Kunstraum where a group show of Indonesian contemporary art was showing.

This show, called "Insights", was organized by Fauzie As'ad, one of Indonesian artists that I have known for a long time, whose works I have also shown in my art gallery in Hong Kong. "Insights" was the first art exhibition in Liechtenstein to feature works by contemporary Indonesian artists. Originally, the Kunstraum invited Fauzie to show his work there. However, as Fauzie told me, he was inspired by how I brought Indonesian artists to Hong Kong back then in 2003 when no one else did - opening the windows for Indonesian art to be seen by international audience. Likewise, Fauzie felt that he would love to be able to show the works of his fellow Indonesian artists to Liechtenstein, the country where he has made his home since 1995. Thus "Insights" happened: for the first time ever, works of Indonesian artists were shown for Liechtenstein public. And I think the public loved it!

I hope this would be the first of many shows in Liechtenstein to show works by Indonesian artists. I look forward to visit Liechtenstein again - perhaps when the new Museum of Contemporary Art is ready!


Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve)


Just held a solo exhibition with our gallery in September, French Artist Wensen Qi’s works are invited to exhibit as part of French Heritage Day at Church of St. Pierre de Vors, Gaillac France. The event is organized by the Association for the Protection of the church Vors, in partnership with the GMEA National Centre.


Fung Ming Chip

We are proud to announce that there will soon be another exhibition for our artist Fung Ming Chip. The Private Museum Singapore will present his conceptual installation “To Be & Not To Be” from 24 October to 6 December. 


Alfred Ko

Alfred Ko’s works are featured as the seventh volume of the 12-book Hong Kong Photographers series. The book presents Ko’s works since 1978 in six chronological themes entitled “homecoming,” “1984,” “the blues,” “nocturne,” “claustrophobia,” and “agoraphobia.” Artist chronology and biography included.


Pablo Posada Pernikoff

An installation titled "Senderos de Luz y Agua”(Trails of light and water) by artist Pablo Posada Pernikoff is exhibited in the Museum Santa Clara Church in Bogota Colombia from Thursday 9 August to Sunday 9 September 2012. The installation is of large triptychs reliefs in metal and pigments, and large glass sculptures in a way to provoke a sensation of flow. Bogota. The second exhibition is called “Esbozos de luz” (Sketches of Light) with glass sculptures and reliefs in paper, metal, inks and pigments.


Pleated Pouch Goes Online!

Sin Sin is excited to finally embark on online shopping platform with, a Singapore based web-store featuring works by selected Asian designers. Sin Sin's classic, versatile Pleated Pouch line is leading the way there!

Now you can share your love for Sin Sin's beautiful creations with your friends across the globe. Send them to their doorsteps to get a taste of Sin Sin away from Hong Kong, or order some yourself to ship directly to your friends outside Hong Kong! Remember how functional, versatile and beautiful the Pleated Pouches are: an ideal gift for any occasions!




9th October, cocktail from 6 - 9PM
10th October from 10.30AM - 7PM


As autumn approaches, Sandra d’Auriol’s alluring jewelries transcends us into the new season. Sin Sin Atelier invites you to Sandra’s exclusive showcase of her latest creations. Sandra has always donated a portion of the proceeds of her sales to charities. This time is no exception: 50% of the sales will be donated to the Child Welfare Scheme, which was started by Douglas MacLagan 16 years ago and supported by Sandra for the past 15 years. Another 50% will go to the Beeper service of the Senior Citizens Association in Hong Kong. A good excuse to pamper yourself while supporting a couple of good causes! So do come down to support us and participate in this meaningful effort!


Milk X 6th Anniversary


18th September, 6.30 -10PM


Celebrating its 6th Anniversary, Milk X invited celebrities like Aaron Kwok, Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yan) and Juno, at this star studded event at Sin Sin Annex. Themed in conjunction with the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, Sai Street was embellished with lanterns and festive ornaments, and not forgetting the stylish visitors who came to support the event, filling the streets with fashionistas.

DIY lanterns were also available. Made from cellophane papers and bamboo structures, it gave guests a chance to display their creative handicraft skills. The evening wrapped up with personalized lanterns, laughter and glamour!


"The Power of Words" workshop by Ocean Whitehawk


17th October, 7 - 9PM


Words are seeds. Just as what you sow, so shall you reap, you get what you speak. Each sound has a vibration potency which is constructive or destructive. It is critical that your spoken word is carefully chosen to ensure success in every aspect of your life. Did you know that words influence your thinking and affect your emotions? Your everyday words reinforce the unconscious concepts within your psyche and they have a psychological effect which affects the outcome of your goals.


Ocean Whitehawk, a dynamic and passionate wisdom teacher joins us at Sin Sin Annex to help you access soul information and past lives to transform problems, blocks, relationship issues, illness and all other challenges you may be experiencing in your life. In this talk, she will show you how badly chosen words can weaken your spirit, lower your self-esteem and sabotage your level of enthusiasm which will impede your progress and produce poor outcomes.


Interested parties please RSVP at or dial 2581 9699 at SOL Wellness, for more information.


Admission: HKD200 per person


"The Time is Now" Kundalini Yoga by Amir Jaan

31th October, 7 - 9PM

Sin Sin Atelier brings you a holistic experience with Kundalini Yoga by Amir Jaan this autumn. With trainings from Guru mentors of over 30 years experience, notably the late noble master Yogi Bhajan, Amir Jaan was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga at the School of Kundalini Yoga.

He brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment and Kundalini yoga inspires students into the teaching and consolidated practice of the Spiritual arts. Amir is a powerful instrument to assist those ready for reformation, in an organic, safe and self-healing way.

Time is Now : Universal, Useful, Powerful, Ruthless and Relentless... The concept of TIME appears to dominate the fundamental psychology & behavior patterns of all humanity! Its invisible magic simultaneously offers us a fantastic opportunity to organize our resources and create the great social endeavor; while providing a constant source of anxiety responsible for vast amounts of stress, worry and misunderstanding... So if you're not too busy being busy, treat yourself to a "Time Out" and invest a few moments to make a practical examination of this most emotive of subjects.

Interested parties please RSVP at or dial 2581 9699 at SOL Wellness, for more information.

Admission: HKD400 per person