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The enchanting artworks of Indonesian contemporary artists including Andy Dewantoro, Bob Sick Yudhita, Eddie Hara, Jumaldi Alfi, Kokok P Sancoko, Muhamad Irfan, Nasirun, Pande Ketut Taman, S. Teddy Darmawan, Tisna Sanjaya & Yunizar have brought a glamorous Southeast Asia colours to all art-lovers through our “Indonesian Artists Group Show” during the hot summer holidays.

Following the group show, we have the solo exhibition of one of the most influential Indonesian artists, Hanafi, which was started with an inspiring opening reception on 8 September. When audience poured the ink over the body of the artist, they were freeing their spirit and become part of the life line of the artist. Over hundred of guests & friends indulged themselves in a special and new experience in contemporary abstract art.

Sin Sin and the team would like to express our sincere thanks for your support and hope to see you in our upcoming exhibitions.


"Hanafi Solo Exhibition" – at Sai Street

Exhibition Duration:
8 Sep – 7 Oct 2011


"Touch" – Julia Nee Chu Solo Exhibition at Sai Street

Exhibition Duration:
7 Oct – 4 Nov 2011

Opening Reception:
7 Oct 2011, 6 – 9 pm, artist will be present


Ann Niu – Solo Exhibition in Beijing

"The hot days of summer have finally given way, ushering in a golden autumn. I hope you have had a very happy and fulfilling summer, for I, during that period in Shanghai, have been busy at work. I would now like to present, from September 16th - October 17th, my 1st solo exhibition to be held at the Opposite House, Beijing. If you happen to be in Beijing then, you are most welcome to attend. Please do let me know if you are also able to attend the opening reception at 18:30 - 20:30 on September 22nd. Thank you for your support. I hope we are able to maintain regular contact going forward. I look forward to seeing you at the reception. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the golden autumn as much as you did the long days of summer.

Yours faithfully,"
Niu Ann


Antoinette Rozan – A Memorial for a Private Collection in France During Summer.

The artwork is created for a family. It is a memorial for the death of one family member who died by falling from the roof of a house. The artwork is made for sharing the nice memory like a monument. The artwork is installed in Gien, where it takes one hour from Paris in France.


Tilo Kaiser – Exhibition curated by Vanessa Brady

9 Jun – 17 Sep 2011

Tilo Kaiser showed all the new artworks and a fun event with friends in a private view by VJB Arts. The exhibition is curated by Vanessa Brady. The event held in the enjoyable evening of 9 Jun. The venue is at 60 Threadneedle St., EC2R 8HP, London.


S Teddy Darmawan - Group exhibition and residential for 3 weeks

"Beyond the Self: Contemporary Portraiture from Asia" at National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia 13 August - 6 November 2011

This exhibition examined the representation of the self in current South and Southeast Asian art practice through the work of artists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Exploring the possibilities of portraiture, the exhibition included painting, photography, sculpture, drawing and media works created from the late 1990s to the present.

Also visit website at:


Jumaldi Alfi - "Night Swimmer", Solo exhibition Metis-NL Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10 September - 5 October, 2011

Recapturing the traditions within Jumaldi Alfi's previous works, the series of paintings for his solo show "Night Swimmer" generally materialized from questions revolving around ambiguity, paradox, restlessness and the battle of thoughts in mapping out the quest of soul balancing. Using various familiar icons such as the cactus, stones, the skull, and references to ancient Greek mythology - in particular the characters of Sisyphos and Achilles - Alfi is trying to mix and match his own traditional roots of the Minangkabau, West Sumatra, as a language of expression in responding to the contemporary situation. His works are ubiquitously personal, since he firmly believes that for us to recognize "the other" it takes to acknowledge the local or as he puts it "the insiders." This show will be curated by Astrid Honold, director of OFFICE for Contemporary Art.


Andy Dewantoro & Eddie Hara – Group Exhibition "Indonesian Eye: Fantasies and Realities"

9 Jun - 10 Jul 2011 (Ciptura Artpreneur Center, Jarkata)
27 Aug - 9 Oct 2011 (The Saatchi Gallery, London)

"Fantasies and Realities" presents works by 18 Indonesian artists encompassing the artistic heritage, rich tradition and the rapidly evolving society of present day Indonesia. The exhibition has gathered works from across the Indonesian Archipelago with the aim of showcasing a wide selection of leading contemporary artists.


Peter Dittmar - Solo Exhibition in Berlin & Melbourne

"Windows between cultures" at Gallery KUNSTBUERO BERLIN
Works from Bali, Munich & Sydney
3 Sep – 8 Oct 2011
Opening: 3 Sep 2011 (7pm)
Venue: Uhlandstr. 162 10719 Berlin

Solo Exhibition at KAZARI COLLECTOR
Opening: 13 Oct 2011 (6.30pm)
Venue: 450 Malvern Rd., Prahran VIC 3181, Melbourne


Qigong & Taiji for Health & Healing:

Date: Friday, 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 53 - 54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong
Capacity: 12 students each class
Fee: $220 / lesson or $800 / 4 lessons within 2 months

Taiji & Qigong are the global popular Health Exercises with Ancient Chinese Wisdom. Master Lawrence Tse is an experienced Qigong and Taiji Teacher and an Energy Healer. He has helped both Chinese and Westerners in HK to enhance health and recover from plenty of serious illnesses for more than 15 years. Now he would share and teach the knowledge of Taiji & Qigong to help individual improving the overall well-beings in the Sin Sin Annex.

For further information and RSVP, please contact: Master Lawrence Tse at or call at 60555387

Sandra d’Auriol Autumn Show at Sin Sin Gallery

20 & 21 September 2011

Sin Sin Atelier is delighted to present the Autumn Jewellery Show of Sandra d'Auriol. All sales proceeds go to Child Welfare Scheme and Clean Air Network.


Jean-Francois Fichot - One of Bali’s most talented and beloved expats passed away

We regret to share such a depressing news that one of Bali’s most talented and beloved expats died in a car crush in Cuba on 30 June 2011. He is a resident of Bali for over 30 years. "I studied interior design, but jewelry was my passion. I started to learn about stones and then I traveled to India and was caught by the people, the jewelry, the energy of the country.” Fichot said.

While art and jewelry were Fichot’s mainstays, his other great passion was his garden in Ubud, calling his garden “his other work of art.” We wish this jeweler extraordinaire rest in peace while we plan to have a memorial day for him in the near future. We will keep you posted about the exact date and time.