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In November, Sin Sin Fine Art was proud to present a solo exhibition “Wind Against Tide” by American artist Rick Lewis on 22 November. This experimental series of him portrays Lewis thought on nature. On the night of the opening reception, visitors and journalists were impressed by his powerful work, and were surprised by Lewis’ presence on Skype, chatting and enjoying the night with us.

We are also glad to announce that, the “Reach for the HeART” charity program this year started with a great success of the Charity Luncheon held on 21 November. It was a warm and wonderful afternoon with love and smile. We would like to thank you all for your support.


Rick Lewis Solo Exhibition: Wind Against Tide

Exhibition duration: 22 November - 31 December

We had a very successful opening for the Rick Lewis “Wind Against Tide” Solo Exhibition on 22 November. Rick Lewis was preparing for his solo exhibition while super storm Sandy caused high winds in US. The theme of the exhibition “Wind Against Tide” matches the timing well with the artworks portray Lewis thought on nature.

The experimental series Lewis attracts people with its silvery colour, while it actually portrays his thoughts towards nature. Lewis sets the absorptive qualities of brown pigment and earth against the mercurial qualities of silver. Brown comes through silver, at times like a bloom of tarnish, at other times with the grit and tooth of soil. Through an editorial process of layering and scraping back paint, soil, and loose pigment, Lewis’s paintings are palimpsests, or memory records. Interactions between paint layers present the movements of natural elements, like sand and water at the tide’s edge.

It is our pleasure to announce that, Rick Lewis "Wind Against Tide" Solo Exhibition is one of the highlights of "Reach for the HeART", a charity program organized by Sin Sin Fine Art together with "Art in Hospital" organization - in which 10% of the proceedings from Rick Lewis' exhibition will go to this program. The show will continue until 31 December, we look forward to seeing you.


Art as Christmas Gift

Campaign Duation: 1 December 2012 - 10 January 2013

Have you ever thought of buying Art as Christmas Gift? Picking an unique art piece for your beloved, and at the same time turning him or her into an art collector!

Sin Sin Fine Art is glad to present artworks of French artist Hervé Maury in this coming Christmas. Animals created by Maury are all with curious eyes, amazed at what they see, and interacting with the viewers. The rich complexity of materials with bright colours demonstrates the artworks with various textures.

Working with unusual textures has also been an interest to Hervé. “The very rich complexity of materials such as a mix of sands, marble powders, ochres and miscellaneous minerals, together with Indian ink and sometimes bright colours provide the animals and their backgrounds with all their substance.” These small-size artworks of Maury have always considered as best picks for gift!

Welcome to explore your art collection journey in Sin Sin Fine Art!


Qiju Qilin Solo Exhibition

We were pleased to present a special solo exhibition of Tibetan artist Qiju Qilin in November; it was our honor to have Qiju flying from Tibet to attend the opening reception of the show. With his traditional ethnic costume, Qiju shared with us his most memorable experience in the Tibetan Plateau of his motherland where he was raised.

Qiju Qilin crossed paths with Sin Sin Fine Art by way of Wong How Man, the Founder and President of the Hong Kong based China Exploration and Research Society (CERS). Wong How Man met Qiju back in 1981 when he was a journalist for the National Geographic covering China and they became best friends ever since. With How Man's introduction, we were glad to have held the first solo exhibition for Qiju, and thank everyone for coming.


“Reach for the HeART” Charity Program

We believe that people in sickness could enjoy happiness in creating art. Since 2009, Sin Sin Fine Art and Art in Hospital have been collaborating in “Reach for the HeART” program, which aim to provide free art workshops specially designed for elderly patients with chronic diseases in public hospitals.

Continuing this meaningful program, Sin Sin Fine Art presents a series of fundraising events this year. Thank you for your support in the Charity Luncheon held in Wild Grass, we raised more than HKD 150,000 on the day. The greeting cards printed with artworks by the elderly was a very popular choice of gift, while the delicious homemade charity cookie were sold out shortly! Thanks to all the patrons and donors for such a warm and wonderful lunchtime, and we wish your generous support to the program.

We are continuously seeking for supporters and patrons throughout the year. Thus, for interested parties, please contact Joyce on for more details of our patronage scheme and other donations.


Sandra d'Auriol Christmas Jewelry Show

It was a successful show for famous jewelry designer Sandra d’Auriol in Sin Sin Atelier on 27 and 28 November. Fans of Sandra enjoyed the beautiful jewelries and the lovely meet with Sandra. We are pleased to announce that, all the proceeds of Sandra's business go to charity, with 50% go to Plastic Oceans Foundation and 50% go to Art in Hospital. Sandra would like to thank everyone for your support!


“Soul Cleansing” Group Exhibition in January

Opening Reception: 18 January 2013

Exhibition Duration: 18 January - 28 February 2013

Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents a group exhibition to start the new year of 2013, featuring works by multi-cultural artists: Alice Kok, Hiromi Miyakita, Lie Fhung, Maria Lobo, Sun Guangyi and Wong Wing Tong - with sound and movement opening performance art by Akio Suzuki and Hiromi Miyakita. The exhibition will be held from the 18 January to 28 February 2013.

Since ancient times in Chinese tradition, the start of a new year has always been a very important event. To welcome the new year, families would clean their house to get rid of evil spirits and ceremonies are performed - usually involving sound and musical elements along with movements or dance. Sin Sin sees this time as ‘soul cleansing’ time, when we should take this opportunity to cleanse our mind, body and soul.

“Soul Cleansing” group exhibition will be opened with a duet of unique, fresh, vibrant and graceful performance by a master Japanese sound artist, Akio Suzuki and an emerging choreographer/dancer, Hiromi Miyakita. Akio Suzuki finds and makes music from just about anything he comes across, and the results always ignite sense of wonders in his audience. In dancing and choreographing, Hiromi Miyakita emphasizes not only the body but also the place surrounding the performance. On the basis of the most fundamental human movements related to space such as sitting, standing and walking, she creates delicate yet bold movements capturing sensitively the surrounding light, sound, air and landscape. Akio Suzuki and Hiromi Miyakita's presence is made possible by Around sound art festival and retreat 2013.

The show is visually diversed ranging from drawings to paintings, from ink to acrylic, from paper to canvas to wood, from porcelain to video and installation, all the artworks featured in the “Soul Cleansing” share an inner inter-connectedness at their core beings: each of the work reflects an introspective and meditative spirit. Together they offer a rich, inspiring selection to ponder upon.


The Poho Bazaar in Sheung Wan

8 December 2012, 2 - 8 pm

Sin Sin Fine Art welcomes you to explore Sheung Wan by joining the Poho Bazaar! Over 20 shops, designers, galleries and entertainers have joined to come up with the first ever street bazaar in the area! It is a collection of "Boutique" shops and galleries, perfect for a stroll through the quiet streets. Extending from Hollywood Road - behind Ma Po Temple - stretching all along Tai Ping Shan Street, Sai Street, Upper Station Street, Tung Street, and continuing until Cat Street, the energy of this little corner of Hong Kong has inspired many to open cool and trendy spaces for all to relax orn simple getting resourced.

The event will feature craft beers, artisanal sodas, imported wine and a fantastic BBQ. Lastly the artistic, Bohemian vibe of the neighborhood will be on display for all to enjoy on a leisurely Saturday. Early-bird tickets of The Poho Bazaar can be purchased at Sin Sin Atelier until 6 December.


The Window of 'JENDELA' - Group Exhibition of Yunizar and Jumaldi Alfi

Opening Reception: 8 December 2012 5 pm

Exhibition Duration: 8 December - 30 April 2013

Location: OHD Museum, Jl. Jenggolo 14 Magelang, Indonesia


KSRJ members, Yunizar and Jumaldi Alfi who studied in the painting department, together with Rudi Mantofani, Yusra Martunus and Handiwirman Saputra, will be exhibiting at OHD Museum, Magelang.


KSRJ was formed in 1996, in Yogyakarta. They held their first group show in Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, the next year (1997). At the time, they were all still studying at Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta. Until now, the group has exhibited together eight times in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and the latest was at NUS Museum, Singapore, last 2009. This exhibition is initiated by Dr. Oei Hong Djien and KSRJ.


The title "The Window of JENDELA" was decided together during the discussions leading this exhibition. On behalf of KSRJ, Jumaldi Alfi said, "It has been a while since KSRJ's last exhibition. Lately, it is even difficult for us to meet as everybody is busy on their own. Since this is a museum show, everybody seems to be excited. We want this exhibition to not only be another chance to 'read' our works, but to also educate people."


Antoinette Rozan Group Exhibition in Expo d'Atelier

Exhibition Duration: 23 November – 15 December, 2012

Antoinette Rozan, a French sculptor who exhibited in the Le French May 2012 in Hong Kong, is now having a show in Aix en Provence, France. She enjoyed the opening at the Expo d'Atelier last week with 200 guests. Ths exhibition will last until 15 December 2012.


Peter Dittmar Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: 11 January 2013, 7pm

Exhibition runs until 27 January 2013

Location: Tony Raka Gallery in Ubud - Mas, Bali

Peter Dittmar will be showing his latest works of ELECTRONIC COLOUR WINDOWS Shaped CANVASSES annd older CALLIGRAPHIC WORKS in the show.


Damon Tong Group Exhibition - Detour 2012

Exhibition Duration: 15 December 9 pm to 15 December 1 pm

Location: Gresson Street Market Wan Chai

Damon Tong, our representing local artist is showcasing his work in Detour 2012, the program is known as Hawkerama II at Gresson Street Market Wan Chai. Together with more than 20 artists, Tong uses his artwork to promote Hong Kong's street culture to a broader audience, and raise pubnlic awareness of the difficulties hawkers now face in a fun way.


Jewelry of Sandra d’Auriol

Fabulous Rings by Sandra d’Auriol available in Sin Sin Atelier.

A wonderful selection of Christmas gift ideas from Sandra d'Auriol, all the proceeds go to charity.


Marie France Van Damme

13 December 2012 11 am - 8 pm at 54 Sin Sin Fine Art

Let's celebrate Christmas with a glass of Champagne while shopping for your holiday wardrobe. We are glad to announce that 20% of sale proceeds to charity organization, Plastic Ocean.


World President Organization Art and Textile Tour

Sin Sin Atelier received WPO (World President Organization) guests throughout the week of 5 November where they were visiting Hong Kong and stopping by different locations.

We introduced Sin Sin as a Hong Kong textile artist. We picked a few signature work by Sin Sin to showcase at Sin Sin Atelier, including her cheung som, Mongolian felt, Batik collection etc.


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