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The past months at Sin Sin Fine Art have been full of exciting and inspiring events. Read on the details below and enjoy the photos to get a glimpse of the fun!


REACH - Art Basel in Hong Kong and Sin Sin Fine Art


For the inaugural Art Basel in Hong Kong this May, Sin Sin Fine Art proudly opened REACH, an eclectic, specially curated group exhibition of paintings by leading and emerging contemporary artists from around the world: Andy Dewantoro (Indonesia), M. Irfan (Indonesia), Fung Ming Chip (Hong Kong), Putu Sutawijaya (Indonesia), Rick Lewis (USA), S. Teddy Darmawan (Indonesia), Tilo Kaiser (Germany) and Vincent Cazeneuve (France). REACH celebrates aesthetic and cultural interactions across geographical boundaries featuring amazing works by artists from many parts of the world.


Throughout the works shown in REACH, one can sense a blending of cultural and national identities; a blurring of boundaries in which one can perceive a kind of internalized cross-cultural dialogue - a reaching out to embrace various aspects from the many different cultures they have been exposed to, integrating them into their very own visual languages. Together they offer a rich, inspiring selection for viewers to ponder upon.  


REACH, which is curated by Sin Sin Man, consists of two shows: the duet show of Andy Dewantoro and M. Irfan held at the Art Basel in Hong Kong venue and the group exhibition of Fung Ming Chip, Putu Sutawijaya, Rick Lewis, S. Teddy Darmawan, Tilo Kaiser and Vincent Cazeneuve held in all three Sin Sin's spaces: the gallery spaces at 53 and 54 Sai Street, plus the atelier space at 52 Sai Street. Yes, we have transformed the Atelier into a 2-story gallery space filled with amazing works of art! 


The event begun on May 22nd with the Art Basel in Hong Kong Vernissage, followed with the VIP Preview on May 23rd at Sin Sin Fine Art when our friends and customers started to arrive at Sai Street. The fun continued on at the Opening Night when so many art-lovers from all over the world filling in the gallery spaces and the street space in between - from Asia to Australia, to USA and Europe. 


The highlight of the evening was the performance by renown sound artist Akio Suzuki and dancer/choreographer Hiromi Miyakita who have flown in from Japan especially to open REACH. Their soulful performance filled the night and the audience with so much moving, positive energies. We are very grateful for this rare opportunity to present and to experience such a meaningful art performance here in Hong Kong.


Please enjoy a glimpse of the fun and wonderful ambience of the opening night: https://vimeo.com/69148078

To mark the opening of REACH, Sin Sin Fine Art published a special REACH Book featuring thoughtful writings by notable art-writers Ian Findlay-Brown and Valerie C. Doran, which we hope will help to deepening our understanding and appreciation of the artworks shown in REACH. Photographs of the artworks along with the artist's comments can be found in the book as well. The PDF version of this book is available at http://www.sinsin.com.hk/downloads/SSFA/SSFA201305_Reach_eBook.pdf for your perusal. A very limited amount of the book bound in unique natural water-lily cover is also available for purchase at Sin Sin Fine Art. 


We are also exciting to share with you the news on our collaboration with Tai Ping Carpets. Founded in Hong Kong over 50 years ago to preserve and develop the venerable Chinese craft of handmade rugs, Tai Ping is a world-renowned maker of custom handmade and woven carpets. Sin Sin and Tai Ping share the same sophisticated spirit of art and craftsmanship. To celebrate great works by the talented artists of Sin Sin Fine Art, and to provide inspiration for bringing creativity into every living space, we have worked together to interpret a painting each by Rick Lewis and by Tilo Kaiser by reproducing them in carpet form. Drop by to Sin Sin FIne Art to see them for yourself!


Remember that the exhibition is still going on through June 30th, 2013. Don't miss it. More information on this show at http://sinsinfineart.com/abhk13



Art Basel in Hong Kong // Duet Exhibition // Andy Dewantoro & M. Irfan


May 23- 26 2013, Sin Sin Fine Art was proud to present a special duet exhibition of new works by Indonesian artists Andy Dewantoro and M. Irfan at the first Art Basel in Hong Kong, curated by Sin Sin Man

We are happy to share that our participation at the Art Basel in Hong Kong was successful with many interesting people visited our booth, which many have complimented as one of the most wonderful spaces in the art fair. We are also excited with new possibilities and opportunities brought about by this and are looking forward to explore them further.

Find out more about this show at http://sinsinfineart.com/abhk13 


Summer Group Exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art

Exhibition Period: 8 July – 8 August 2013


To extend the concept of integrative dialogue through art, Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to unite a new combination of artists in Hong Kong, a melting pot of of identities and divergent cultures. The group exhibition will feature artists Bai Xin Cheng (China), FauZie As'Ad (Liechtenstein), Kokok P. Sancoko (Indonesia), Pablo Posada Pernikoff (France), Pande Ketut Taman (Indonesia), and Peter Dittmar (Germany). Please make a day of it at our gallery spaces on Sai Street to enjoy the unique chemistry of this summer group exhibition!


10 Years After // Group Exhibition

This year, Sin Sin Fine Art is celebrating our  10th Anniversary, marking ten years of working and collaborating with the artists with whom we have crossed paths to bring inspiring artworks to Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more updates about a very special exhibition in September!


ART| JOG |13 – Yogyakarta


Opening: Saturday,6 July 2013 | 7pm

Exhibition Period:  6-20 July 2013 (Open daily from 10-9pm )

Venue: Taman Buddya Yogyakarta Jalan Sri Wedani No.1 Yogyakarta Indonesia


This year, ART|JOG (previously Jogja Art Fair) returns for the sixth time to grace the art world of Indonesia and Asia. A yearly occurrence since 2008, the public has begun to accept its unique concept, one that works directly with the artists to exhibit quality artworks of various mediums.


ART|JOG|13 will continue upon last year’s theme of ‘Looking East – A Gaze of Indonesian Contemporary Art’, but with more focus on the Maritime Culture.


Such theme is intended as an entry to the maritime mindset, one that is very closely linked to Indonesia and other seafaring nations, yet is currently structurally neglected. It is understood that there are two paradigms that shaped the world; the continental and the maritime civilizations.


Art Discussion | registration required | free of chargeSunday, 7 July 2013 | 2 PM“Building Indonesian Contemporary Art Museums”Keynote Speaker: Tony Ellwoodat Gedung Societet Militer, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Studio Visit | registration required | free of chargeMonday, 15 July 2013 | 9 AM-4 PMStudio Biru (Agus Suwage)SaRanG (Jumaldi Alfi)Nasirun Studio (Nasirun)


6 -14 July 2013 | 10AM – 9PM

at ART|JOG|13 Reception Desk



E: info@artfairjogja.com

C: +6285743491867


If you need more information you can find on their website: http://artfairjogja.com/web/?lang=en


Antoinette Rozan, Renaud Bargues,Edouard Rolland, Adrien Boettger-Magnier, Paul Rouillac and  Benoît Teillet - Portraits  // Group Exhibition- Paris


Opening: Friday, 28 Jun 2013| 6:30pm
Exhibition Period: 28 Jun – 27 July 2013
Venue: Galerie Le Pré au 6 – Sophie Raynaud 6,rue du Pé-aux - Clercs 75007 Paris


We are pleased to announce the French artist Antoinette Rozan will have a group exhibition in Paris on Jun 28 –July 27,2013. Please visit when you are in Paris during that period.


Peter Dittmar, Gary Christian,Bernd Heinrich,Trevor Hood and Tom Doherty - Humors I // Group Exhibition - Sydney


Opening: Saturday, 3 Aug 2013| 3pm - 5pm

Exhibition Period: 31 July - 10 August 2013

Venue: Janet Clayton Gallery, 2 Danks Street complex at Waterloo.2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW 2017


One of our artists Peter Dittmar, will have a group exhibition “Humors I ” with four other artists at Janet Clayton Gallery Sydney. Find out more about this exhibition at: http://www.janetclaytongallery.com.au

E: info@janetclaytongallery.com.au

T: +61 2 9698 8443



Rick Lewis - "Rick Lewis Paintings Spring 2013"// Documentary Video


The mini documentary video of the New York-based American artist Rick Lewis, discussing his painting process and philosophy is now up on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/66816371. We hope you will find it to be as inspiring and illuminating as we did! Enjoy!