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We have been privileged for the past month to discover the joy of heart-warming ceramic works crafted by skilled Japanese artists. We fell in love with their graceful shapes, sensitive lines and earthy textures. We were fascinated by the stories behind their creation; how small particles of natural clay were plied into such elegant forms, given lively characters through the artists hands. Our senses have been enriched by seeing, touching and feeling these ceramic works.


It is our pleasure to be able to share the works of Keita Matsunaga and Kenji Omori with our guests. Many have embraced them whole-heartedly and brought them home to be enjoyed every day. Such encouraging reception has lead us to extend the exhibition to March 7th. You have until then to appreciate the delicate beauty of Matsunaga and Omori exquisite ceramic works, so do not miss out!


We will continue the journey of ceramics with new discoveries in the fascinating world of natural clays and ceramics.


Thanks to our dear friends for being a part of it. 




Artist: Sin Sin Man

Exhibition Duration: 14 March – 18 April 2015


Opening Reception: 14 March, 6-10 pm

Dance Performance: Y-Space | 8pm


Sin Sin Man, the sole founder of SIN SIN presents her first solo exhibition since 2007 in three spheres: “Inspiration”, “Spiritual” and “Silhouette”.


On the opening night of March 14th, Sai Street will enchant you with feisty soulful music and dance performance by Y-Space - accompanying the unique display of Sin Sin Man's creative mind. Gorgeous objects, fabulous garments, inspiring video and photographs, imaginative installation and wonderful elements will be waiting for you. Be inspired and rejoice in the celebration of creative process and the dynamics of change - come and join us at the opening night!


Awakening The Happiness Within You


wth Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche


Event Date: 18 March 2015

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: SIN SIN Fine Art, 54 Sai Street, Central


We are delighted to have the Buddhist meditation master, Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche who will introduce us to our natural state of happiness and explain methods for expanding our experience of it and extending it to others.


We can spend our entire lives searching for happiness externally, but true happiness can only be found within. If we simply remove the barriers between us and our true nature, our inner happiness comes out.

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the founder and spiritual director of Pristine Mind Foundation (, an organization dedicated to helping people live fully, die fearlessly, and transform every area of their lives.


On 12 March, 35 galleries will keep their spaces open for The Art Gallery Night. Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to be part of it and to offer those interested the opportunity to have a look at our space, artists, and the day by day workflow. For this night, Sin Sin Fine Art will be open until 8 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you all!


This month Hong Kong will present art at its greatest as one of the most important hubs for arts in Asia. With Art Basel coming soon, both renowned and emerging artists from Asia and the West will present their works at Art|Basel Hong Kong on 15-17 March.

We are glad to see Eddie Hara latest works as well, as one of the representatives of Indonesian art scene.

Hong Kong is welcoming a new Art Fair this year that starts with the idea of exposing the next generation of talented artist, alongside some of the most renowned international galleries and art spaces. Art Central will nevertheless give a new flavor to this month’s activities, focusing on contemporary art beyond borders.


Asia Contemporary Art Show will be happening this month as well, moving the Spring Edition for March 12 when VIP Collectors can enjoy the Preview of 3000 works of art. The show will end during the weekend.



Artist: Roland Hagenberg

Opening Reception: 13 March, 6-9 pm

Exhibition Venue: Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada


“They are probably the only images around the world that capture the real, the not-yet-reinvented Jean-Michel”, quoted from Roland Hagenberg.

BASQUIAT UNGUARDED - an exhibition of rare, candid photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat taken by Roland.

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to collaborate with AGO in creating and exhibiting Roland Hagenberg’s black and white photographs alongside the 85 paintings presented at AGO.


Project Planning at Echigo- Tsumari Art Triennale 2015

Artist: Anusapati

Event Date: 6-10 March 2015

Event Venue: Tokamachi, Japan


Anusapati was recently invited at the major event Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennle taking place in July-August this year. As a preliminary step in the project, Anusapati will be visiting the site and meeting the locals on March 6-10. The project will be a collaborative one, involving the community, in accordance with the nature of the Triennalle.


Art Paris Art Fair

Artist: Eddie Hara

Event Date: 26-29 March 2015


Eddie Hara artworks will be present in two important fairs this month – Hong Kong Art Basel and Art Paris Art Fair, together with fellow Indonesian artists.

From 26th to 29th March 2015, Art Paris Art Fair is the leading springtime event in Paris which brings together 145 galleries from some 20 countries at the Grand Palais.

Medium of Living - Martell at Edwin's Gallery 

Artist: Jumaldi Alfi, Lie Fhung

Event Date: 11 – 17 March 2015

Event Venue: Edwin's Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia



Together with other Indonesian artists, Jumaldi Alfi and Lie Fhung are participating in a group exhibition curated by Mia Maria for Martell Indonesia, at Edwin's Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia. The artists and artworks chosen are exploring ways of living, tools of survival, habits, philosophies, and the twists and turns of being alive.


Kung Hey Fat Choy!


May the Year of the Goat bring us all stability and serenity. Goat symbolizes such character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness - comfortable in being alone to ponder the workings of their inner minds.

Sin Sin Villa in Bali welcomes the New Chinese Year with light and appreciation, wishing you all the best for 2015.