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Spring has arrived with the winter chill behind us.  The Opening of “Shadow” exhibition, accompanied by an improvised music performance by Nelson Hiu, Les Fong and Ivy Tsui, was well received by art lovers and friends!


The merry naiveté brought through the harmony of sounds created from the simplicity of everyday objects used as instruments complemented the peaceful beauty of Anusapati’s sculptural works and Charcoal on Paper drawings. Together, the music and the art offered a rich and introspective night. Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you all on our upcoming Opening on April 12th 2013.


“Shadow" by Anusapati Solo Exhibition


Exhibition Duration: 8th March - 8th April 2013


Sin Sin Fine Art is currently presenting Anusapati - a renown Indonesian artist, and his poignant works to Hong Kong. Anusapati is known for his sculptural works made out of found or salvaged wood - sometimes combined with brass or other metal, with concerns about nature, ecology systems and environment as the grounding concept.


Anusapati's use of the media of charcoal on paper is not based on aesthetic considerations only. Both paper and charcoal came from the same source: trees. The three-dimensional objects are also made up out of natural, organic materials such as paper, books, leaves and seeds - upon the same grounding concerns about trees, nature and our environment. Together, they invite us to reflect and reconsider our own part and actions in our environment.


Don't miss the rare chance to experience his delicate rendering of the shadow of lush tree canopies along with his three-dimensional works made out of natural seeds, vintage books and tree branches. Come along either on your own for a contemplative afternoon or with your friends to enjoy the peaceful beauty together.

“2 x Amaronap" by Wong Yan Kwai and Suzy Cheung in April 2013


Opening Reception: 12th April 2013, 6-9pm

with a special dance and music performance starting at 7:30pm, featuring Victor Ma and Mandy Yim & Nelson Hiu and Friends.


Exhibition Duration: 12th April - 12th May 2013


What happens when two artists who are married to each other work to create art together? The seeds for this duet exhibition of painter Wong Yankwai and ceramist Suzy Cheung were first planted in 1992, when Yankwai painted the surface of a ceramic vessel that Suzy created. This led to a plan for more collaborative works, which took a while to actually materialize. They were waiting for the right time, and now, the time has finally arrived.

In 2 x Amaronap, fresh collaborative works by Suzy and Yankwai will be made available to the public for the first time. Suzy will also be showing her functional vessels and sculptural pieces. Some of the works involve multiple firings, with underglaze and overglaze techniques. There will also be a group of works featuring “sketching with clay” and inlays on porcelain. These works illustrate Suzy’s deft handling of the clay to transform the medium into an extension of her vision, without betraying the true nature of the clay itself.

Yankwai will be showing some of his recent acrylic on canvas paintings. Colour is his primary material; it makes up the structure, form and movement of his work. Bright and strong, his colours overlap, contrast, beckon and push against each other producing a strong musical resonance that keeps them in constant movement. His work is constant creation and destruction in motion. These highly charged paintings leave a strong impression on the viewer. One can sometimes see a familiar object among the many forms that make up his work, such as an airplane or fish, but they have been partially altered, losing their shape, identity and nature. The painter has recreated them by making them into simple “colour-objects” with which he plays liberally on the canvas (From an essay written by Gérard Henry, Amaronap, 2007).


Art Walk: 18 April 2013, 4:30pm – 11:30pm


Sin Sin Fine Art will be participating in ArtWalk again this year. Now entering its 13th successful year with a record number of 69 participants, ArtWalk is Hong Kong’s largest art charity event showcasing an assortment of art spaces & galleries across the city.


Proceeds from the event will go to Society of Community Organization (SoCo). For information about tickets (HKD450 per adult), please follow the link below.


We hope to see you on the night!


Art Basel HK 2013 Exhibition duration: 23 – 26 May 2013

"REACH" Exhibition duration: 23 May – 23 June 2013

Sin Sin Fine Art is very pleased to announce our participation in this year’s inaugural edition of Art Basel Hong Kong. With a passion and a unique relationship with the Indonesian art scene, Sin Sin Fine Art will showcase the work of two high-profile contemporary Indonesian artists – M. Irfan and Andy Dewantoro.


Not only will we present a duo-exhibition at Art Basel, but we will also be concurrently showing “REACH”, a group exhibition, at Sin Sin Fine Art. “REACH” exhibition will be featuring a multicultural visual selection of works by artists including Fung Ming Chip, Rick Lewis, Putu Sutawijaya, S. Teddy Darmawan, Tilo Kaiser and Vincent Cazeneuve (Wensen Qi).


“Balance” by Sin Sin Atelier



does not stand still,

it keeps on evolving


nothing alive is static



is a dynamic process,

always adaptable,

forgivingly flexible,

intuitively flowing



is not a matter





is a matter



the process,



you grow





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Child Welfare Scheme (CWS)

CWS City Challenge Finish Line Party, 2 March 2013


Hong Kong based charity, Child Welfare Scheme, organized their annual mad-dash around Hong Kong to raise money for their projects in Nepal. Sin Sin Fine art opened its doors to celebrate the Finish Line Party with 200 participants who raced through the streets of Central and Sheung Wan.  We are proud to share that CWS has raised HK180,000 this year and Sin Sin is proud to take part in changing the lives of 30,000 children.