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Sin Sin Fine Art // June E-Newsletter 2012


June has been an intense month at Sin Sin Fine Art, with Earthly Evocations (a specially curated exhibition featuring some of the most dynamic artists on the Indonesian contemporary scene) ending on the 17th and Alfred Ko’s new photographic exhibition starting on the 28th. The opening of Alfred Ko’s gathered a true local crowd with many Hong Kong photographers and designers. Read on for more news!



Alfred Ko: Agoraphobia // Solo Exhibition


On June 28th Sin Sin Fine Art inaugurated the first digital photography show for local photographer Alfred Ko: Agoraphobia. Alfred exhibited a series of portraits of public space, or space abandoned by the public mainly in Hong Kong and China. How do we relate with the fast pace at which the city around us changes and how are we affected by the oppressive forces of the social space? These and other questions are at the base of Agoraphobia, an exhibition that aims at addressing the oblivion of history that makes us human and the idea that when spaces are vacated to become “zonable” zones; public life and its most human aspects are not possible anymore. The colour pictures displayed in Agoraphobia belong to the previously exhibited show “Claustrophobia” that investigated a similar theme with an accent on how ill-favoured colours of our consumerist society are blinding.


Alfred Ko is also the founder of Fotocine and Photocentre. He has been teaching photography since 1977 - mainly in Hong Kong, and has been the author of many documentaries like "The forbidden city" in Beijing, “The Old Tea and Horse Road from Yunnan to Tibet and then India” and “Textile in Nigeria and Ghana”.


The opening reception of Agoraphobia on June 28th was a great success with the participation of many Hong Kong photographers and a true local crowd. Some of the most eminent Hong Kong photographers made an appearance, among others: Chun Wai, Joseph Fung, Leong Ka Tai and Ringo Tang. The stimulating and thought-provoking atmosphere attracted also some important designers like Victor Cheong, Philip Suen and Wilson Kwan.


During the opening, which also marked the launch of the book “N.7 Hong Kong / China Photographers – Alfred Ko” published by Asia One Product and Publishing Ltd., Alfred Ko the photographer signed many copies of the books that were sold to the public. Asia One’s Hong Kong Photographers series aims at presenting to the public the full picture of many Hong Kong photographers to whom most of us have only had a sporadic exposure so far.


The exhibition will remain open until the 28th of August. If you haven’t had the chance to join us for the opening, or if you would like to have more time to appreciate Alfred Ko’s inspiring pictures please come visit us, we will be happy to walk you through the exhibition!


Earthly Evocations: Indonesian Art Now // Group Exhibition


In May, Sin Sin Fine Arts proudly presented Earthly Evocations: Indonesian Art Now, a specially curated exhibition of painting, sculpture, installation and performance art featuring some of the most dynamic artists on the Indonesian contemporary scene today: Jumaldi Alfi, Hanafi, Lie Fhung, Kokok P. Sankoko, M. Irfan, Nasirun, Pande Ketut Taman, Putu Sutawijaya, S. Teddy D., Tisna Sanjaya, and the venerable émigré artist Arie Smit, whose work has rarely been exhibited in Hong Kong. Each of these exciting artists represents special strengths and characteristics of the Indonesian contemporary art scene, and their coming together in a group exhibition constitutes a rare and newsworthy event in Hong Kong. The exhibition was co-curated by Valerie C. Doran & Sin Sin Man


Also in May, Sin Sin Fine Arts presented Jumaldi Alfi  (b.1972) at the Hong Kong International Art Fair of 2012. Jumaldi Alfi is one of the most dynamic and influential artists on the Indonesian contemporary art scene today. A painter and sculptor, Alfi first came to international attention in the late 1990s as one of the founding members of the influential Jendela Art Group, whose focus on aesthetic and material exploration within a more formalist and personal territory introduced a fresh new dynamic into the world of Indonesian contemporary art.


Please click this link to enjoy a glimpse of the fun and wonderful ambience of the opening night:



Crisscross // Group Exhibition


Opening Reception: 2 August, 2012

Exhibition Duration:  2 August – 2 September 2012


Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present Crisscross, a group exhibition featuring diverse multi-cultural artists who live and work in a different environment than the one they were born and raised in: Hengki Pudjianto, FauZie As'Ad, Lie Fhung and Youri Leroux.


The theme “Crisscross” reflects a shared way of life by the artists, no matter how varied their visual language might be. The experience of traveling, living and working abroad brings new stimuli to the artists’ open minds allowing them to embrace heterogeneous artistic paths evolving from their original cultural roots. If change is inevitable, can we still recognize our authentic roots through our harvest? The exhibition aims at making us reflect on this question and on the infinite possibilities that can arise from the exposure to different cultures in a world that is more and more global and yet tends to flatten out the living experience rather than enriching our inner advancement.


FauZie As`Ad, Jumaldi Alfi, S. Teddy - insight // Group Exhibition


Exhibition period: June 15 to August 15, 2012

Talk program: July 10, 2012 ("Crisscrossing" by Sin Sin Man)

Venue: Kunstraum, Liechtenstein


As anticipated last month one of our artists, FauZie As`Ad, together with the Liechtenstein's Kunstraum is exhibiting in a group show "insight" featuring works by Indonesian artists which include several of our artists as well: FauZie As`Ad – Jumaldi Alfi – S. Teddy – Ugo Untoro – Entang Wiharso – Heri Dono – Budi Ubrux – Edi Prabandono – Angki Purbandono – Melati Suryodarmo 


The show will continue until August 15, 2012 and will be accompanied with music, performance and talks program. Sin Sin Man, the founder of Sin Sin Fine Art, has been invited to give a talk which will be held on July 10, 2012 in Kunstraum, Liechtenstein. The topic of her talk is "Crisscrossing" in which she will share her experience and passion on art and cultural exploration and exchange.


Find out more about this show at www.kunstraum.li


Embroidered Balinese Landscape at Sin Sin Atelier


Have you been to Sin Sin Atelier recently? If you haven't, you might want to do so to take a look at these fresh series made out of natural cotton, embellished with truly unique embroidery. The embroidery motif is inspired by the lush Balinese landscape with coconut trees, rice paddies and farmers. Each piece is crafted by hand with a machine, makes it looks more like a pencil drawing with fine details. The soft natural cotton is perfect for the summer weather too! Come visit us to see them for yourself!


Art Jog 12


Art Jog is back. This art exhibition is in its 5th edition bringing us closer to the world of Indonesian and Asian Art. As you know Indonesia and its artists are very close to our heart so we invite you to check this event out as a chance to keep in touch with some of our artists and discover many more! The event will be held from the 14th to the 28th of July in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Find out more at http://www.artfairjogja.com/2012/en/program/artfair


Antoinette Rozan, Sophie Raynaud, Manuela Paul Cavallier and Zaija Huang: Enlightened Substance


Exhibition period: 31 May to 13 June, 2012

Venue: Pacific Place, Hong Kong


Antoinette Rozan, one of Sin Sin Fine Art artists, has been participating in a group show entitled Enlightened Substance. The exhibition, part of the Le French May 2012 Programme, has been a great success! Sin Sin participated to the closing on June 13th for a body art performance.


During the exhibition, an exclusive book was launched: “A Perpetual Calendar”. A collection of the works by the four artists in the Enlightened Substance show (Sophie Raynaud, Manuela Paul Cavallier, Zaija Huang and Antoinette Rozan), the 428 pages book is available in Kelly and Walsh, Parenthese Bookshops.


Find out more about this show at http://www.enlightenedsubstance.com/


Rick Lewis: Wind Against Tide, Spring Close // Solo Exhibition


In September, Rick Lewis will be having a one man show in New York for the 10th anniversary of Steven Amedee. Rick has been exhibiting at this gallery since 2006. The show will consist of mixed media works on paper and canvas.


If you would like to have a look at some of the works that will be displayed, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/ricklewis/


Rick Lewis, Mike Kennaugh and Kyle Young : Group Exhibition as part of “Hold this while I am away”


Rick Lewis will also be participating, together with Mike Kennaugh and Kyle Young, to “Hold this While I am away” a series of week long pop-up shows, film screenings and curated projects at Art Pace Gallelry in Houston, Texas.