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Sin Sin Man “Crisscrossing” talk at FauZie As`Ad, Jumaldi Alfi, S. Teddy - insight // Group Exhibition


Exhibition period: June 15 to August 15, 2012

Talk program: July 10, 2012 ("Crisscrossing" by Sin Sin Man)

Venue: Kunstraum, Liechtenstein


As anticipated last month one of our artists, FauZie As`Ad, together with the Liechtenstein's Kunstraum is exhibiting in a group show "insight" featuring works by Indonesian artists which include several of our artists as well: FauZie As`Ad – Jumaldi Alfi – S. Teddy – Ugo Untoro – Entang Wiharso – Heri Dono – Budi Ubrux – Edi Prabandono – Angki Purbandono – Melati Suryodarmo 


Sin Sin Man, the founder of Sin Sin Fine Art, was invited to give a talk which was held on July 10th in Kunstraum, Liechtenstein. The topic of her talk is "Crisscrossing": Sin Sin shared her experience and passion on art and cultural exploration and exchange. The upcoming exhibition “crisscross” is the continuation of this cultural dialogue.


Crisscross // Group Exhibition


Opening Reception: 2 August 2012 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Exhibition Duration:  2 August – 2 September 2012


Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present Crisscross, a group exhibition featuring diverse multi-cultural artists who live and work in a different environment than the one they were born and raised in: Hengki Pudjianto, FauZie As'Ad, Lie Fhung and Youri Leroux.


The theme “Crisscross” reflects a shared way of life by the artists, no matter how varied their visual language might be. The experience of traveling, living and working abroad brings new stimuli to the artists’ open minds allowing them to embrace heterogeneous artistic paths evolving from their original cultural roots. If change is inevitable, can we still recognize our authentic roots through our harvest? The exhibition aims at making us reflect on this question and on the infinite possibilities that can arise from the exposure to different cultures in a world that is more and more global and yet tends to flatten out the living experience rather than enriching our inner advancement.


Poetic Layers // Wensen Qi’s Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception: 6 September 2012

Exhibition Duration:  6 September – 6 October 2012


Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents Poetic Layers, a solo exhibition of the French artist Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve).


Wensen derives his creative conception from Chinese traditional ideology and culture and then mixing it with elements of Western Art, hence inexhaustibly exploring the possibility of the perseverance of tradition in contemporary times.


Lacquer painting is one of the ancient arts of China. It requires patience and fortitude as it is well known that the process of embedding, scattering, rubbing and layering may require several repetitions. The theme “Poetic Layers” commences from the idea of the manual repetition of these gestures and investigates the Artist’s attempt to embody his poetic sensations. The Artist’s concerns on history and his aspiration to eternity are well expressed through Lacquer which even after thousands of years maintains its splendor.


Wensen has turned lacquer painting from a traditional medium that combines various techniques to a contemporary medium of art expression. In his works roughness and undulating texture are coordinated with smoothness and shine, as if Wensen is covering the work with a layer of poetic fog, silently whispering his inspiration.


“Poetic Layers” comes as a collaborative effort with Hong Merchant Gallery in Shanghai, where Wensen has previously been showing his artworks.


Pablo Posada

Pablo, an artist with whom Sin Sin Fine Art has been collaborating for a long time, will have an exhibition in Colombia this Augst:

-Senderos de Luz y Agua at the Museo Iglesia Santa Clara. The exhibition, a combination of glass sculptures and metal reliefs, will be hosted from the 9th of August to the 9th of September. If you happen to be on that side of world take this opportunity to visit the exhibition and the Museum, a XVI century former church and now one of Colombia’s national treasures.


Sun Guangyi

Sun Guangyi, one of our long time artists, has participated to a Group Exhibition (Artistic Conception - China. An exhibition of Chinese oil paintings, 2nd edition.  第二届《意境·中国》国画油画作品展) in Beijing at the Museum of Chinese calligraphy Institute. The exhibition was opened on July 7th and closed on July 28th. The exhibition organization is hoping to set up a fund to sponsor young artists in China


Alfred Ko

If you have not had a chance to see Alfred’s pictures at our spaces you might be able to reach them in Dali. In fact, Alfred Ko’s Agoraphobia has left Sin Sin Fine Art to reach the Dali International Contemporary Photography Art Festival 2012. Exhibition area G, opening Reception : Aug 11, 2012,  3:00 - 6:00 pm.


Art Jog 12

As mentioned in our June newsletter Art Jog 2012 is still open until July 28th in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This art exhibition is in its 5th edition bringing us closer to the world of Indonesian and Asian Art. As you know Indonesia and its artists are very close to our heart so we invite you to check this event out as a chance to keep in touch with some of our artists and discover many more!


Hermes – Fall / Winter 2012 Press Accessories Presentation


From July 25th to July 27th Sin Sin Fine Art has been proud to host Hermes Asia Pacific Ltd. in our Gallery Spaces. Hermes held a Fall/Winter 2012 Press Accessories Presentation by invite only. The event was a great success with many members of the press strolling along.


Summer greetings from Sin Sin


Sin Sin has just been back from her trip to Europe recently, in particular to Switzerland where she was invited by the Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher to give a talk at the Kunstraum there. She took with her a piece of bright blue sky with a happy white cloud from Switzerland for her readers in Hong Kong who have been smothered under the onslaught of rainstorms and gloomy grey sky these past few weeks. It's a hopeful reminder that bright sunny summer holiday is coming nearer every day, so let this image uplift your spirit in joyous anticipation to brighter days ahead! 



This month Sin Sin Villa in Bali is offering 2 attractive holiday packages. Let Bali’s relaxing landscape and its great spirituality tempt you!



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