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In January, Sin Sin Fine Art began the New Year with a group exhibition “Soul Cleansing”, featuring works by multi-cultural artists: Alice Kok, Hiromi Miyakita, Lie Fhung, Maria Lobo, Sun Guangyi and Wong Wing Tong. “Soul Cleansing” group exhibition will be opened with a duet performance by a master Japanese sound artist, Akio Suzuki and an emerging choreographer/dancer, Hiromi Miyakita. On the night of the opening reception, visitors and journalists were mesmerized as they watched the pair’s refreshing synergy!


“Soul Cleansing” Group Exhibition


Exhibition Duration: 18th January – 28th February 2013


The exhibition is still ongoing till end of the month. We don't want you to miss such an inspiring experience that we had for the last few weeks. There is still time for you to look back and recalibrate in face of the new year of the Black Water Snake. 


Since ancient times in Chinese tradition, the start of a new year has always been a very important event. To welcome the new year, families would clean their house to get rid of evil spirits and ceremonies are performed - usually involving sound and musical elements along with movements or dance. Sin Sin sees this time as ‘soul cleansing’ time, when we should take this opportunity to cleanse our mind, body and soul.


The show is visually diverse ranging from drawings to paintings, from ink to acrylic, from paper to canvas to wood, from porcelain to video and installation, all the artworks featured in the “Soul Cleansing” share an inner inter-connectedness at their core beings: each of the work reflects an introspective and meditative spirit. Together they offer a rich, inspiring selection to ponder upon.



“Shadow" by Ninus Anusapati Solo Exhibition in March 


Opening Reception: 8th March 2013

Exhibition Duration: 8th March - 8th April 2013


Sin Sin Fine Art is delighted to bring Anusapati - a renown Indonesian artist, and his poignant works to Hong Kong. Anusapati is known for his sculptural works made out of found or salvaged wood - sometimes combined with brass or other metal, with concerns about nature, ecology systems and environment as the grounding concept.


In 'Shadow', his Hong Kong debut exhibition, Anusapati presents a series of charcoal on paper drawings and several three-dimensional objects. The drawings depict impressions of silhouettes or shadows of trees and plants, just like the dappled shadow from lush trees on the ground when we are enjoying their shades.


Anusapati's use of the media of charcoal on paper is not based on aesthetic considerations only. Both paper and charcoal came from the same source: trees. The three-dimensional objects are also made up out of natural, organic materials such as paper, books, leaves and seeds - upon the same grounding concerns about trees, nature and our environment. Together, they invite us to reflect and reconsider our own part and actions in our environment.


Art Stage Singapore 2013

Art Stage Singapore 2013, an international art fair for Asian art, took place during 24 – 27 January 2013. We are proud to share that some of our artists including Abdi Setiawan, Andy Dewantoro, Eddie Hara, Jumaldi Alfi, M Irfan, Putu Sutawijaya, Tisna Sanjaya, showcased in the Indonesian Pavillion Feature Exhibition!


Heri Dono’s Solo Exhibition: Re-PLAY #1 at OFCA


Exhibition period: 15 January – 15 February 2013


Re-PLAY #1 will be launched, presenting Heri Dono. Re-PLAY is an ongoing series of solo exhibitions, initiated by the Office For Contemporary Art (OFCA) International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The work consists of ten large scale dinosaur-sculptures; their heads resembling portraits of world-famous figures such as Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and many more.

Bargain chance at Sin Sin Atelier!


Our “Soul Cleansing” Opening’s success inspired everyone to go back to basics and appreciate art for itself. Sin Sin Atelier is sharing a bargain chance for us all to find something from the Atelier that is close to our hearts.


Launch date: Saturday, 2 February 2013