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With the impressive work of the contemporary Indonesian artist, S. Teddy Darmawan, his first solo exhibition "Sandiwara" in Hong Kong not only brings with the artist's stories but also introduces the specific Indonesian culture to us. In light with the overwhelming interests from society, we decide to extend the exhibition till end of January, 2011 thus allowing more people to come and appreciate all these extraordinary and story-telling work.


On 8 December, we have had a warm and charming opening for the solo exhibition of the French artist, Hervé  Maury at our Prince's Terrace gallery, "New Brush". The exhibition will last till 8 January 2011.


While you are shopping around looking for special, ethical and unique gifts for either yourself or family members or friends, Sin Sin is delighted to introduce to you her special collections during this special season of the year. See Sin Sin Atelier News below. Don't miss this chance!


Sin Sin and the team would like to thank you for your support all through the year 2010 and look forward to seeing you again in the next year exhibitions. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Year in 2011.

"New Brush" - Hervé Maury's Solo Exhibition in Prince's Terrace

Exhibition Duration:

8 December 2010 - 8 January 2011


Exhibition Venue:

Sin Sin Fine Art

G/F., 1 Prince's Terrace, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


"Sandiwara" - S.Teddy Darmawan Solo Exhibition in Sai Street

Exhibition Duration:

11 November 2010 - 31 January 2011


Exhibition Venue:

Sin Sin Annex

54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong


An afternoon with our pet at Sin Sin Fine Art - Hervé Maury in HK


Sin Sin is very happy to welcome Hervé back again after his successful solo exhibition with a series of animal paintings in January. In his new exhibition "New Brush", a series of mix media paintings inspired by Asian culture are now being presented.


As a preview and a pre-Christmas gathering, we invited many friends to come to Sin Sin Fine Art at Prince's Terrace with their Doggies and pets in the afternoon last Saturday, 4th December. We are so proud to share this perfect place for our beloved pets as its nice and quiet, and No Cars!!


We all enjoyed the fun relaxing day with the artist as well as our animal friends.

  The Taiji and QIgong for Health & Healing classes will be temporarily off from Dec 14 to Jan 9 for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Stephanie Sin and Damon Tong at the 10 Years of Fotan: Fotan Artists Open Studios 2011


Local artists, Stephanie Sin and Damon Tong will participate in the upcoming Fotan Artists Open Studios 2011 (Jan 8-9 and 15-16) on behalf of Rental United Studio.


Fotan is a place that has been known as the home for local young artists. This fading industrial district is now the home of more than 50 art studios. Each year in January many of Fotan's artists invite outsiders into their studios to show their work as well as to exchange ideas and dialogue.


Stephaine Sin and Damon Tong showcase their work at the Asian Artists Co-exhibition


The Asian Artists Co-exhibition is organized by Redtory in Guangzhou. This group exhibition last from 12 November to December 2010 showcases work of artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Napal.




Sin Sin is pleased to introduce you Mr. Marjan Pejoski, a fashion designer, who is known for designing Bjőrk's iconic swan dress. He bases in Bali, and has his own gallery in Paris and London. Marjan lately created these 100% cotton handmade crochet which can be used everywhere, such as for bedding. The floral patterns are so ethical and extraordinary that recall Sin Sin the hippie time in the 60's, but presented in the elegant way. It is exclusively for Sin Sin in Hong Kong.



  Nepal Cashmere Scarf/Shawl


Sin Sin had an enlightened journey in Nepal two months ago meanwhile she began to involve a new series handmade cashmere scarf and shawl which have been made from top quality Mongolian cashmere and hand-weaved in workshop Altai Himalaya Pte Ltd found by Christopher Gierchke for over 20 years.


Mongolia Felt - "Hands On" - Wearable Art in Cashmere Felt

Mongolia in the summer of 2008, Sin Sin was impressed by the hands on experiment, and design in the process of felt making. Two years after, Sin Sin would like to introduce her new cashmere creations that are originated from this memorable experience. At once soft, light, fluid, refined and elegant, Sin Sin's new cashmere creations are the embodiment of the energy of the bare hands, the patience of a person, as well as the timeless traditions of a noble tribe that Sin Sin seeks to preserve and reinvigorate.


KMO Jewel

Launched in 2001, KMO Jewel now stands among the most state-of-art of Contemporary Jewelry. KMO is well-known for applying the techniques of high jewellery setting to provide the best quality jewellery and keep the radiance (Platinum, Gold, Silver Plating...) on the design. Sin Sin is pleased to introduce this brand's necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings and other accessories at Atelier during this special season.