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Spring begins with the delightful opening of our artist, FauZie As'Ad, solo exhibition "Late Night Contemplation". His artworks surely take us to the journey of contemplation......


Sin Sin and the team would like to thank all of you for your support and look forward to seeing you in the next opening reception of "Echo of Nature".



"Late Night Contemplation" - Fauzie As'ad's solo exhibition


19 March - 15 April 2010


Opening Reception:
19 March 2010, 6 - 9pm, Artist present


Exhibition Venue:

Sin Sin Fine Art

1 Prince's Terrace, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


"Echo of Nature" - duet exhibition of Youri Leroux and Antoinette Rozan


22 April - 12 May 2010


Opening Reception:

22 April 2010, 6 - 9pm, Antoinette Rozan will be present


Exhibition Venue:

Sin Sin Annex

53 - 54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong


The Great Success of Hong Kong ArtWalk 2010

2010 marks the 10th anniversary of ArtWalk. There were 1,500 adult tickets sold and about 450 and 350 guests came over to Sin Sin Fine Art and Sin Sin Annex respectively. A diverse range of art lovers of all ages came to enjoy a fun evening of appreciating art and sharing the enthusiasm with each other. At Sin Sin Fine Art, a live broadcast of ArtWalk on RTHK Radio 3 featured ArtWalk and Radio 3's Sarah Passmore, Tim Littlechild & Hugh Chiverton spoke to Sin Sin.


The Working Goddess at Sin Sin Annex

April 17 2010

The Working Goddess would like to invite you to come meet Cameron and gain insights to improve your relationship with yourself and others. There are 4 events, all hosted at beautiful places owned, operated or facilitated by amazing women in Hong Kong. Drop by Rebecca Howe's Varga Lounge for talk and Happy Hour on April 15. Participate in morning workshop at the idyllic American Club Tai Tam on April 15 or at Sin Sin's newest gallery space in charming Sheungwan on April 17. Stretch at Sassy event Pureyoga Central on April 14.

Register below. Don't miss this opportunity of learning and shared fun. Please pass along to women of all backgrounds. Sharing is what it's all about.


Thank you note from Ann Niu


Dear friends,


"Ann Niu solo exhibition of 10th Anniversary of Homecoming" has smoothly and successfully closed.


First of all, the grand opening ceremony was excellent. Attendances of this opening ceremony were:


The opening was crowed and we have received more than 300 guests.

During the show, the sponsor of this exhibition - Bank of Communication had also held two special receptions, more than 200 people had attended each of the event. 


The exhibition went very well. I'm so pleased to thank everyone who had come to my opening.


I also want to thank those who have supported my art and given to me so much encouragement over the years.


Thank you so much for taking the time to come, it's really mean a lot to me.


This show will inspire me and I will keep making good artworks. They will be the return for your love from me.



Ann Niu



18 - 22 March 2010

Mr. Dedy Kusuma, a big collector in Indonesia and the project director Mr. Suprajitno Sutomo (Tommy) have been invited by Mr. Lorenzo Rudolf for the ARTPARIS+GUESTS event presenting works of Indonesian contemporary artists at Grand Palais, Paris.  The theme of this event is "The Grass Looks Greener Where you Water It".

20 selected Indonesian artists who work in form of painting, sculpture, installation, photography and drawing. They are Agus Suwage, Astari Rasjid, Ay Tjoe Christine, Budi Kustarto, Entang Wiharso, FX. Harsono, Heri Dono, I Nyoman Masriadi, Jerry Thung, M. Irfan, Melati Suryodarmo, Pintor Sirait, Putu Sutawijaya, Ronald Manulang, Suraji, Jendela group (Handiwirman, Jumaldi Alfi, Rudi Mantofani, Yunizar, Yusra Martunus. The curator team selected them because they have significant experiences in exhibiting abroad and taking place in art fairs in different part of the globe includes China, Korea, Japan, USA, as well as European countries.


Bird market Farewell Party (solidarity and Empathy event) Ngasem Birtd Market, Ygyakarta, Central Java


April 2010


Kampoeng Boedaja Taman Sari (Taman Sari Water Castle Culture Village) community will held an event lead by Kompi Setyoko called "Boyongan Pasar Ngasem - Bird Market Farewell Party (Solidarity and Empathy Event)" in form of paintings before the market re-locate to new location at Dongkelan area at beginning of April 2010.


In this event, there was painting group for kids on 28 March 2010. Also, a batik paintings competition for public and artists will be held on 11 April 2010. Nasirun, one of the Sin Sin's artists, and other experienced artists will involve. They will work on many different things with Ngasem bird market as the object. This is like a reunion for their appreciation to the bird market which is consider as an international market.


The purpose of this event is to document every angles and atmosphere of Ngasem bird market before knock down. This is an effort to memorize in our memory that in the historical journey of Yogyakarta especially Jero beteng area there was a market with many unique characters and specialties.


On 22 April 2010, there will be a parade of the merchants who will bring the symbol of bird with the cage complete with the foods. About 300 merchants will walk from Ngasem market to the new location. This will show faces of the merchants who will have to move without making any complication.


The 10 best works of the kid paintings will be showcased in the community of kampoeng Boedaja taman Sari documentation side by side with the artists' works on Taman Sari. The registration is open from 16 - 22 March 2010 with only 100 people can register. Kompi does hope even though the market is there or not there, the culture atmosphere will be there forever by showing their works.


"Myth | Mitos" by Kokok P Sancoko featuring Dedi D. Hermawan at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

7 - 30 April 2010

A collaboration show by Kokok P Sancoko featuring Dedi D. Hermawan has opened on Wednesday, 7 April 2010 at 7:30 pm at Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) in Yogyakarta Special life performance by Armada Racun and Koala band as well as DJ Soni and DJ Daniel.

This April 2010, Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF)'s gallery is managed by an artist, Kokok P. Sancoko, as his spatial experiment media. "I want to put some things, either the old things or new things that I just bought. KKF gallery is quite small, only 6 x 9 square meters. This small space makes me a little bit different in treating it, compared to when I was offered to exhibit elsewhere. The difference, which is the most prominent when I think about this place, is like I was "forced" to make "only" one thing. Thinking simple is hard actually."


KKF is interested in Purwandhi Sancoko, thus the name listed on his identity card, because this artist nearly always leaves an empty space on each of his paintings and makes signals of "growing" on his 3 dimensions works. And then, KKF offers Kokok to do the experiment which combines both of them.


"I will explore grids," he said, besides putting things. "For me, the presence of flatness is a kind of solution of chaotic." Kokok P. Sancoko (b. 1974) usually manages canvas into to paint or manages things into to sculpt, but this time he manages an empty space. "I don't care, whether I am making installation or drawing, those predicates are not my business. The point is that the book about Bauhaus, which I found several times ago, helps me a lot to solve the deadlock in managing this small space".