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Reach for the HeART has been sponsoring this elderly art project for 9 years. Our annual luncheon at China Club once again was a big success, supported by all of you who joined us at the China Club. Wonderful time was had by all as we gathered for a good cause.

Sin Sin Man from Sin Sin Fine Art, Grace Cheng from Art in Hospital and our teams would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and generous contributions. As always, your contribution is going towards providing free workshops and other art activities exclusively for elderly patients in public hospitals.

We were lucky to have some of our supportive patrons & loyal friends of RFTH to participate in the documentary this year.

Special thanks to Mr. Ringo Tang’s cinematographers crew & kind support from Mrs. Joyce Ma, Mrs. Jacqueline Furniss, Ms. Lyew Hui Ting, Ms. Nadia Karoubi, Ms. Vicky Wong and Mrs. Shimmy Wong for producing the documantary:

Artist: Sin Sin Man
Exhibition duration: 21 November 2017 – 15 January 2018
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 52 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong
Sin Sin Atelier, Unit A, 4/f., Kin Teck Industrial Building, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of founder & artist Sin Sin Man: “Sparks”.  Everyday life is considered by Sin Sin Man a practice to achieve a state of enlightenment. She has always been meditating the unfathomable origin of the world and tries to balance the dualistic forces yin and yang – as an experience of cosmic harmony.

Sin Sin Man applies various media in her works including metal, wood, mirror, textile and light to emphasize simplicity, spontaneity and a natural appearance. Each artwork represents a lifetime of hope, joys, fears and doubts – harmonized by the artist.

Artist: Jack Penny (U.K.)
Exhibition duration: 25 January – 8 March 2018
Opening reception: 25 January 2018 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm
* Artist is present *
Live Unplugged Music by Singer-Songwriter Tomii Chan
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 52 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong
Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the debut exhibition of emerging British artist Jack Penny in Asia Pacific. Curator Sin Sin Man & Jack Penny Encountered in St. Moritz, Switzerland when they were both invited to artist residency by Allegra projects.

The upcoming exhibition includes 22 pieces of Jack's latest paintings on paper as well as a selection of canvas, which further reveal his social and artistic concerns. Right relationship with urban life and the nature is both a personal and a collective choice, but it is a choice that we must make.This series addresses his concern on how we can attain our balance in the modern life swinging between the lust for nature and nature of lust. 

Art Central Hong Kong
Booth E18
Exhibition Duration: 26 March – 1 April 2018

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the group exhibition “6” of artists Hanafi, M.Irfan, Zulkarnaini, Sin Sin Man and Zhang Xiaodong at both Art Central Hong Kong and the Gallery.

The natural environment is the source that provides the metaphors for the way that abstract paintings work. The arts of the 6 artists will take us way beyond any singular subject matter to another dimension of the world, contributing to a sensational vibration at site.

Love in a Cold Climate
Artists: Jack Penny, Scarlett Bowman, Milla Eastwood, Sang Woo Kim, Romana Londi and Maximilian Magnus
Exhibition Duration: 1 December – 30 January 2018

The six artists, each brings unique identities and processes to a group show that positions correlative practices alongside contrasting concepts and methods.

Jack Penny’s practice that relies on the self through unconscious intuition, but remains tethered historically to representations of the figure in nature that are present in Post-Impressionism and Primitivism.

Parallel Stories – Contemporary Cuban Art
Artist: Carlos Garcia de la Nuez
Exhibition Duration: 11 January – 10 February 2018
Venue: Artium Miami Art Gallery, Miami, U.S.A

Carlos García de la Nuez is a member of the renowned 1980s generation of Cuban artists, whose works differentiated from other contemporaries, noticeably in their intentional distancing from political criticism as a form of expression. 

Join Carlos for a night of Contemporary Cuban Art to expore the paralle stories behind the works.

Wensen Qi Artist Talk – My Journey of Lacquer
Date: 11 January 2018 | 6:30 pm
Venue: Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China

Wensen Qi, AKA Vincent Cazeneuve, studied at Ecole des Metiers d’Art in Revel with an expertise in wood cabinet making, marquetry and gilding. Lacquer painting, one of the most ancient arts in China, acted like a strong magnet to him. So Wensen committed himself to live in China and with his own language deciphering the work of lacquer, learning and drawing lessons from traditional Chinese lacquer paintings.

In this talk, the artist will share the results of his inexhaustible work in preserving an ancient tradition in contemporary times.

Tumpek Kandang
Date: 20 January 2018
Venue: Bali Island, Indonesia

Tumpek Kandang is a special Balinese day that’s dedicated to animals, livestock and pets. Offerings are made for successful farming and animal welfare. They're also aimed at the harmony of the environment and which contribute to human sustenance and happiness. The day is part of a series of other Tumpek days aimed at the blessings of different subjects. Like Balinese temple anniversaries, Tumpek days occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon Calendar.