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The Duo-Exhibition "Path" by artists Pablo Posada Pernikoff and Wensen Qi, curated by Sin Sin Man had a successful opening on 21 July.

In Pablo’s “Relief on Metal” series, the change of matter through time translates into flow lines through the synergy of light with metal, pigments and oxidations; as a materialisation of immaterial phenomena. While Wensen Qi’s lacquer works is an application and practice of Chinese bodiless lacquer technique, creating an object as an extension of the space & time of his life.

The exhibition continues until 16 September. Come visit the exhibition if you haven't.

Artists: Pablo Posada Pernikoff &Wensen Qi
To Rejoice
Date: 4 September 2017 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 52 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong
Exhibition Duration: 21 July - 16 September

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present a duo-exhibition of French-Colombian artist Pablo Posada Pernikoff and French artist Wensen Qi “Path”, curated by Sin Sin Man.

To Pablo, the work of art gains life and being. The form and materials of artworks also changes meaning and significance.  

Vincent’s practice in lacquer art has shifted lacquer painting from a traditional medium that combines various techniques to a contemporary medium of art expression. 

Artists: Zulkarnaini
Opening Reception: 21 September 2017 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Exhibition duration: 21 September – 10 November 2017
Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, 52 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of emerging Indonesian Artist Zulkarnaini “Rhythms” from 21 September – 10 November 2017.  He is seeking to create aesthetic narrative with simplicity through a disciplined practice of drawing lines. 

Zulkarnaini expresses himself with paint on carpets. Straight lines represent calmness and balance, curves relate to movements; other shapes evoke feelings of floating and flying. In his recent research in lines, the expansion yields a wonderful lesson in scale, creating the illusion of maximising space.

Heart Sutra
Buddhist teaching by Anam Thubten Rinpoche
23 October 2017 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Add: Sin Sin Atelier, Unit A, 4/f., Kin Teck Industrial Building
No. 26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
RSVP essential:
Admission: Feel free to donate
We are honored to continue hosting Anam Thubten Rinpoche this year at Sin Sin Atelier in Wong Chuk Hang.
The Heart Sutra is the most profound text in the Buddhist tradition.  People have been chanting it in many languages throughout history and many became awakened from contemplating this sutra.  It expresses the wisdom of great emptiness that can free us from the mental prison of concepts and let us drink the nectar of joy and peace.  Anam Thubten will give a teaching on the Heart Sutra and will invite everyone to chant it together.
Anam Thubten grew up in Tibet and at an early age began to practice in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the founder and spiritual advisor of Dharmata Foundation, teaching widely in the U.S. and occasionally abroad.  He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is also the author of The Magic of Awareness, No Self, No Problem, and Embracing Each Moment. Through his personal experience on the spiritual path, Anam Thubten brings alive the timeless teachings of the Buddhist tradition and invites everyone to participate.

Artist: Andy Dewantoro and Eddi Prabandono
Exhibition Duration: 29 July – 20 August 2017
Venue: Galeri Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia

The works in Obscure describes ambiguity and incompleteness. There are works that may seem (or be considered) complete, but which for the artist are only the beginning. This condition repeats without end.

Andy Dewantoro and Eddi Prabandono are two Indonesian artists with great international reputation. They are conceptually similar, but they do differ in their choice of medium.

Andy Dewantoro continues to develop new painting forms on large-format canvases. This time, he exhibits paintings of quite old buildings that serve to mark the eternal movement of time and space.

Meanwhile Eddi Prabandono—as seen in his most recent works—seems to create more installation works, especially those that show the fast-paced changes occurring in society.

Menolak Sekaligus Merengkuh (At Once to Reject and Embrace)
Artists: Abdi Setiawan, Handiwirman Saputra, Jumaldi Alfi, M. Irfan and more
Exhibition duration: 8 August - 28 August 2017
Venue: Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

To discuss the artists part of Sakato Art Community is impossible without discussing Minangkabau culture; a uniqute culture that in the midst of cultures globally. This uniqueness is derived from the Minangkabau’s matrilineal system of inheritance and matriarchal culture that at the same time, is also influenced by the Minangkabau embrace of Islam, a patriarchal religion. Even those artists who have chosen to live in Yogyakarta, in the midst of Javanese culture, cannot remove themselves from the rails of Minangkabau life.

Artists: I Nyoman Adiana, Kow Leong Kiang, Pande Ketut Taman, Putu Sutawijaya
Duration: 11-13 August 2017
Venue: Booth B18, Art Stage Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

A number of minor changes –technical and perspective were made to not get caught up in the convenience of repetitiveness, whatever the reason. Acts such as, to put in other words, express differently, or paraphrase become an offer of these artists who involve in Art Stage Jakarta.

Please come visit Booth B18 to check out the artworks.

Allegra projects - Artist residency
Artist: Sin Sin Man
Duration: August 2017
Location: Villa Laret in Sils Maria, St. Moritz, Switzerland

A selected group of contemporary artists are invited to attend the residency, hosted at the Villa Laret in Sils Maria. The works created at site will then be auctioned off by Christie's on the 27.12.17 at the Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St Moritz. Partial proceeds will benefit local charity organisations to help with the children.

Director: Roland Hagenberg

The film spoof "RAIDING STORIES 4: Fly on a dumpling" is now on YouTube.
This time, our Raiding movie star finds a bag stuffed with money and is kidnapped by ruthless drug dealers from the neighboring village of Haschendorf. (Raiding is the birthplace of composer Franz Lizt.) With music by Ramazuri and Erik Trauner/Mojo Bluesband.

Indonesian Independence Day
Date: 17 August 2017

This marks Indonesia's 72nd year of independence. The day is celebrated on August 17, when red-and-white flags adorn the street sides and flag raising ceremonies take place at government offices and a major ceremony takes place in Jakarta, attended by the state head and officials. Households and communities throughout the archipelago also post flags and decorations at front of houses. Some communities also hold sack-run races and other revelries in the spirit of nationality.

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