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The month of March was an eventful one for Hong Kongers as various art and cultural events arrived in the city.

Sin Sin Fine Art was pleased to join Art Central 2017 with a curated selection of Cuban Artist Carlos Garcia de la Nuez and Indonesian Artist Eddi Prabandono’s artworks. “Boundless Voyage” continued at Sai Street with a solo exhibition of Indonesian Artist Hanafi’s latest creations. We also buzzed the opening reception with site-specific performance of the talented dance artists Sudhee Liao, Ming Pak, Ivan Chan and Renee Yeung for people to feast their eyes on.

Thank you for joining us for the special occasion. Click the image below to check out our documentary of “Boundless Voyage”.

-Boundless Voyage-
Artist: Hanafi (Indonesia)
Exhibition duration: 24 March - 24 May 2017
Venue: 52 Sai Street, Central, HK

As cultural documents, works of art bring important insights into past and existing cultures. There is an awareness of the melding of diverse cultural influences where we share the universal identity of explorers in this boundless voyage.

Hanafi gives gestures through the non-figurative lines using crayon and pencil on carton. This is representative of the new road being pursued by the visual artist — lines that generate movement. If any composition of lines resembles a certain shape, other lines negate the emerging shape, disrupting elements of an expected picture, pattern or figure.

Brush/ 柔
Artist: Satoshi Katayama (Japan)
Opening Reception: 1 June 2017 | 7 – 9 pm
Exhibition Duration: 1 June – 15 July 2017
Venue: 52 Sai Street, Central, HK
Artist Presents

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the 1st solo exhibition of the emerging Japanese Artist Satoshi Katayama in Hong Kong. The exhibition is curated by Sin Sin Man in collaboration with WADO PROJECT (Japan). It will be on view at Sin Sin Fine Art from 1 June to 15 July 2017.

In this exhibition, we will showcase Satoshi’s most recent research of “Water” series. “Water” represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. It is very often associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and softness. Satoshi is seeking to create a spiritual connection with the audience by guiding them into the retreat of formless “Nothing”.

Friends of the Art Museum Visit (CUHK)
Event Date: 20 April 2017
Venue: Sin Sin Atelier, Kin Teck Industrial Building, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Hong Kong

With the new South Island Metro Line now operational, the art galleries in the Wong Chuk Hang area have become much more accessible. Perched on the edge of Aberdeen Harbour, this area is home to over 25 local and International contemporary art galleries. 

Sin Sin Fine Art was pleased to welcome Friends of Art Museums at Sin Sin Fine Atelier. Ms. Sin Sin Man has greet them and gave a talk about her journey and inspirations.

"Your slide presentation was very interesting and gave us a good overview of the Indonesian artists you support. Your space is a haven and its eclictic nature is very interesting. On behalf of the Friends I would like to thanks you for your wonderful hospitality", quoted from Chair Lady Sagiri Dayal.

Please check out "More" to participate in the Friends of Art Museums various programs in the future.


Book Signing, Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony and Teaching:
How to Transform Your Life on Outer, Inner, and Secret Levels
With Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche
Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 | 6:30 pm
Venue: SIN SIN Atelier, 4A, Kin Teck Industrial Building 
26 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
RSVP: 2858 5072 or email

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist master in the Dzogchen lineage. He studied under the great enlightened master Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche in Tibet for nine years and received the title khenpo, the highest degree of Buddhist study and practice. 

After completing his studies, he moved to the United States, where he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of Our Pristine Mind: A Practical Guide to Unconditional Happiness (, and the founder of Pristine Mind Foundation Buddhist meditation center (

He travels around the world giving Buddhist teachings at universities including Harvard and Stanford, tech companies such as Google, and Buddhist retreat centers. He transforms many people’s lives through his practical teachings and profound wisdom.

6 in 1
Artists: Anggar Prasetyo, Bob Yudhita Agung, Orange Flower, Feintje Likawati, Putu Sutawijaya and Yustoni Volunteero
Exhibition Duration: 15 April – 30 April 2017
Venue: Sankring Art Space, Nitiprayan RT 1 RW 20 No. 88 Ngestiharjo, Kasihan Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The educative and collective spirit of Bale Banjar Sangkring has finally found the moment of its manifestation in”6 in 1” exhibition. The exhibition invites six Indonesian  contemporary artists, Anggar Prasetyo, Bob Yudhita Agung, Orange Flower, Feintje Likawati, Putu Sutawijaya and Yustoni Volunteero. Given the concept of Bale Banjar Sangkring itself, each artist exhibits their work in a single space separated through open barriers. Not only having individual space, the artists has presented their indivisual concept too. This collective spirit representing the generation of artists in 1990s - maintaining the characters of individuals to remain independent.

Don't’ miss the collective exhibition if you are in Yogyakarta.

The Silk Road Long Banquet | 丝路长 宴四方
Artist: Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve)
Exhibition duration: 4 May – 21 May 2017
Venue: Centre Culturel de Chine a Paris, France

Vincent Cazeneuve, or Wensen Qi as he is called in China, studied at Ecole des Metiers d’Art in Revel with an expertise in wood cabinet making, marquetry and gilding. Lacquer painting, one of the most ancient arts in China, acted like a strong magnet to him. So Vincent committed himself to live in China and with his own language deciphering the work of lacquer, learning and drawing lessons from traditional Chinese lacquer paintings. Simultaneously, he blends his own creativity into Chinese lacquer traditions, mixing elements of Western modern art into his lacquer works.

This May Wensen Qi is invited to a group exhibition in Centre Culturel de Chine a Paris orgnised by China National Arts Fund. 

流水 - Flow
Artist: Pablo Posada Pernikoff (Columbia)
Exhibition Duration: 25 - 30 May 2017
Venue: Promo-Arte Project Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

French-Colombian artist Pablo Posada Pernikoff has lived & studied in France, Colombia, Canada, Italy & Japan for a multitude of disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, design & fine arts, now lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Pablo's works are an abstraction based on his observation of the natural phenomenon of matter flowing through space and time, resulting in a harmonic relationship between the works and the viewer through the sense of movement of the highlights and shadows emerging from the lines in the glass, metal & paper he use for his work.

International Literary Festival
Artist/Writer: Roland Hagenberg (Austria)
Date: 16 June 2017
Venue: Hauptstraße 8, 7350 Oberpullendorf, AUSTRIA

International Literary Festival in Lockenhaus, Austria, opens June 16 with Roland Hagenberg's new book "Poems".

Roland Hagenberg is a writer, photographer and filmmaker who grew up in Vienna, Austria. Roland’s new book “Poems” features 58 poems in English and German with illustrations by the author. 

The International Literary Festival in Lockenhaus, whose activity is non-profit, cross-confessional, aims at offering comprehensive understanding of reading for people of all ages as well as the widest possible confrontation with classical and contemporary literature of all genres.


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