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This summer, we are in preparation to relaunch our Villa Sin Sin - reintroduce Bali through Sin Sin Man’s eyes. She would love to share the deep spiritual, ritualistic side of Bali – understanding the rootof cultural habits and beliefs that shaped the island over time.

It beautifully pairs experiencing the meditative natural landscape of Northern Bali with exposure to the artists and craftsman working in there. From ceramics to textile, carving and dying, we want to share a magical world of creation that takes place in Bali. And by understanding the landscape, you will come to a deeper understanding of the inspirations behind the Bali you have known.

Keep your eyes wide open!



A Blues Night: 10 September 2016 | 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Musician: Billy Hung, Bill Loh, Neil Art, Neslon Hiu,

Sze Ka Yan, Wilson Tsang, Wong Yan-Kwai

Artist: Gevile Bunikyte (Lithuania), Louis Cane (France), Wong Yan-Kwai (Hong Kong)


As the summer slowly approaches its end, Sin Sin Fine Art cordially invites you to “KICK OFF”, celebrating the new beginning of the transitional time.

We will feature artworks of a selection of International artists Gevile Buniikyte, Louis Cane and Wong Yan-Kwai.

The exhibition continues until 17th September.


JOYCE Cabinet x Sin Sin Fine Art

Artist: Sin Sin Man

Exhibition Duration: 21 September - 13 November 2016

Venue: JOYCE Boutique, New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong

We live today – not in a luxury world, but a cultural world-where we have to create experiences. Starting from 2016, JOYCE will expand its vision of art and culture and open a new exciting era through the collaboration with top leading cultural partners. The experience will be made through the close partnership with Sin Sin Fine Art.

To bring a maison ambience at the new JOYCE Central, there will be a dedicated corner for Sin Sin Fine Art to create the universe ofSin Sin Man that tells the story of art in day-to-day life. Surprise and excitement in the new space will add value to both our readers and customers. 



Artist: Carlos García de la Nuez - Cuba

Opening Reception: 23 September 2016 | 6 – 9 pm


Exhibition Duration: 23 September – 11 November 2016

Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, G/F 52 & 54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong

Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents the first solo exhibition in Asia Pacific of renowned Cuban artist Carlos García de la Nuez – “Cardinals” opening on 23 September.

A member of one of the key visual artist groups of the period, "4 x 4", Carlos Garcia de La Nuez emerged from the rising generation of the 1980s that stood for a separation from the traditional schools of Cuban Painting.  Garcia de la Nuez's aesthetics celebrates Cuban's national art, based on the language of gestural expression with influences of abstract art. The artist uses spots, textures, and signs of other subtle techniques as lyrics to amplify elemental themes of tension and equilibrium with indubitable artistic vigour.

Image: Cardinals Points, mixed media on canvas, 110 x 110 cm, 2016

*As one of "2016 Reach For The HeART" fund raising programs, partial proceed of "CARDINALS" will go to the charity fund.


The Art of Mindfulness

Teacher: Khandro Thrinlay Chodon Rinpoche

Event Date: 26 September 2016 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Entry: Feel free to donate

Venue: G/F 54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong

Khandro Rinpoche was born in Lahoul, which is known in the dharma texts as the "Land of the Dakinis". She was born into a family of great Tibetan yogis who were renowned for their extensive and pure practice. She has therefore been trained since childhood in the practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, and grew up in an environment where spirituality was an integral part of everyday life.

It is our honour to host Khandro Rinpoche in our space to give a teaching about how to calm your mind from the hustle of city life and touch your inner peace within.

Kindly RSVP with and bring your own cushion to join us.



Artist: Honoka Kawazoe

Opening Reception: 9 September 2016 | 6 - 8 pm


Venue: Sin Sin Fine Art, G/F 52 & 54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong


Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present “ELEVATED” by Japanese Artist Honoka Kawazoe, the emerald discoverer.

Her concept is to create the bond between people and stones by using raw emerald in her creations.

The connection comes alive by making jewellery according to the character and nature of each person and individual gemstone. 

She has been exhibiting world widely since 2003 and now she’s ready for her new journey to Hong Kong. 

*As one of "2016 Reach For The HeART" fund raising programs, partial proceed of "ELEVATED" will go to the charity fund.


Art Residency – Eddi Prabandono

Duration: September – November 2016

Venue:  Luzhunan Historical Houses, Miaoli, Taiwan

Luzhunan Historical Houses is a 300 year-old neighborhood with residency program locates in Toufen, wetake “education” as the main approach, offering introductory practical classes on “traditional craftsmanship skills”, such as “Traditional Architecture –Bamboo Mud Wall”, “Handmade Paper Making” and “Traditional Rice Foods Preparing”, to schools and private sectors.

Luzhunan has also refurbished an abandoned old house for artists in residence to ignite interaction between the local artisans and the coming artists, aiming to establish a local art and cultural scene. During the residence period, Eddi Prabandono will be sharing via artist talks, workshops or other art related events.



Date: 7 September & 17 September 2016

Venue: Bali, Indonesia


Galungan is the celebration of Dharma or Good over the evil. It's celebrate every 210 days which is 6 months in Caka callendar. Every entrance will have  "Penjor" a tall bamboo decorated in coconut leaves, rice, cake, fruits, coconuts and white fabric with Omkara drawing (symbol of God). This is to show the Balinese Hindu folower's gratitude for all the blessing. "penjor" will be taken down after 35 days.

Galungan is believed as the day when all the God manifestations and the ancestors visit for 10 days until the Kuningan day.