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On 24 July we had the pleasure of hosting some of Hong Kong most exciting musical talents Bill Loh, Les Fong, Nelson Hiu, Sze Ka Yan, Wilson Tsang and Wong Yan Kwai at “SOUL” the opening night of our on-going summer event series What Do You Miss? It was a great honor to have their support and everyone enjoyed a great turn out and a lovely evening with laughter, music and liberty in generous amounts. If you missed the introduction to What Do You Miss? be sure not to miss out on our following shows.

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SIN SIN Studio


On the Move to Our New STUDIO!

Add: 4A/F, Kin Teck Industrial Building, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, HK


SIN SIN Fine Art


Under Renovation!

Add: 52-54 Sai Street, Central, HK


What Do You Miss? "Street Cinema"

Featured Artists: Max Bessmertny, Yiannis Biliris, Pinot and Callum MacKenzie, Les Fong, Nelson Hiu, Sze Ka Yan and more…

Event Date: 14 August 2015 |7:30 – 11:00 PM

Venue: 54 Sai Street, Central


The second event in our colorful series of summer spectacles will focus on moving images. Street Cinema will include an eclectic mix of cinematic pieces from around the world.  

Max Bessmertny – From Russia, based in Macau & Hong Kong, recently graduated from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. His “Tricycle Thief” will be on view at Sai Street, which was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2014.


Yiannis Biliris – From Greece, world traveler, collaborating with Sin Sin Man on Exhibition documentary for 2 years before he restarted his journey. “Split Normality” is an enthralling documentary about the crisis in Greece.


Pinot – From Indonesia, based in New York. With talents in  hand-drawing animation, computer animation, motion graphics, illustration, videography and watercolor painting Pinot creates vibrant Vine videos with no pre-edited material or CG effects.


Last but not least, there will be improvised musical interludes with Hong Kong’s finest musicians – Callum MacKenzie, Les Fong, Nelson Hiu, Sze Ka Yan and more!


Make sure to join us on the 14th of August and find out what you have been missing.


What Do You Miss? “Colours”

Collaborators: Brazilian Capoeira, Peel Street Poets, Poison Grace & friends, Tallensia Floral Art and more…

Event Date: 28 August 2015 |7:30 – 11:00 PM

Venue: 54 Sai Street, Central


Our series of summer events is set to culminate in a spirited celebration entitled Colours. Our final show will be the epitome of the theme behind the series and showcase Hong Kong’s most vibrant and outlandish sights and sounds.


We will feature a wide range of exotic and colourful artistic talent ranging from Drag Queens and floral crown designers to Brazilian capoeira dancers and spoken word poets.


We are immensely excited to share this extravagant night with all of you.



Artists: Sin Sin Man, S. Teddy Darmawan, M. Irfan, Nasirun, Hanafi

Event Date: 10 Sep 2015- 13 Sep 2015

Venue: Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


START, presented by Prudential, will hold its 2nd edition of the art fair from the 10th to 13th September 2015 at Saatchi Gallery, London (with a Preview Day on Wednesday 9th September). The fair offers a platform for emerging artists and art scenes, presented in a museum-quality setting.


SIN SIN Fine Art is participating at the START art fair in London with SAATCHI showing selected artworks by Ms Sin Sin Man, and Indonesian artists S. Teddy Darmawan, M. Irfan, Nasirun and Hanafi.  See you soon in London!


Pra Muktamar Nadhatul Ulama ke 33 di Jombang

(Islam 33th Great Meeting)

Artist: Nasirun

Date: 1-5 August 2015

Venue: Jombang – East Java, Indonesia


Art has a significant effect on Islam in Indonesia where art is an effective medium used to convey the message contained in the Qur’an (Islam Bible). In Nasirun’s work titled “Perahu Samudraku” translated as “My Ocean Boat” he wants to convey the idea that life on earth is a journey that will ultimately lead to paradise. A total of 50 artists involved in this show for 4 days prior to the Islam 33rd Great Meeting with the theme “Matja” the Art of the Indonesian Archipelago Prophet. This exhibition is expected to broaden mindsets and our perception and understanding of Islam, especially in digesting Indonesian Archipelago Islam.


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Curator: Roland Hagenberg

Artist: Bob Yudhita Agung (Bob Sick), Konstantin Bessmertny, Sin Sin Man

Exhibition Duration: 21 Oct – 31Oct 2015

Venue: NG 39 Art Space, Neugasse 39, 732 Raiding Austria


Roland Hagenberg, who’s the initiator of the Raiding Project, envisions several unique artworks and guest houses by Japanese architects in the village of Raiding.  “Life inside Art” is the guiding theme, since all buildings are works of art designed with great care. Project partner and general consultant is Richard Woschitz.


Roland curates the group exhibition “HIDDEN” collaborating with artists from all over the planet. Our artists, Bob Yudhita Agung, Konstantin Bessmertny, Sin Sin Man will participate too. Stay tuned.



Melaspas&Mecaru (Cleansing and Sacrifice ceremony)

Date : 30 July 2015

Veneue : Villa Sin Sin, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia


Villa Sin Sin family held the Cleansing and Sacrifice Ceremony for our guarding temples. The ceremony dedicated to cleanse the area of all negative energies and leave all “Pedagingan” or “The Pure Souls” remaining. The Balinese believe that there are bad spirits around, however remain quiet and calm as long as they are acknowledged and honored. The sacrifice is intended to keep the balance between Man and Nature, the prayers and ceremonies are conducted so the spirits will not disturb people and leave our compound peacefully.


Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015

Date: 27 - 30 Aug 2015

Venue: Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place


As the prominent lifestyle magazine in Indonesia, Harper¹s Bazaar Indonesia proudly presents the annual celebration of art, Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015. Initially held in 2009, this year's seventh installment of Bazaar Art Jakarta will be presenting artworks from various galleries. Located in the heart of the biggest city in Indonesia, The Ritz-Carlton Ballroom in Pacific Place is chosen as the perfect venue to allow artists, art works, galleries, and visitors to interact.


Realizing the dynamics of contemporary art today, a new strategy and fresh approach is required. To initiate this, Bazaar Art Jakarta invites Enin Supriyanto, one of Indonesia¹s most renowned art curators, to design and organize special events for Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015. Special attention is given to the development of critical thoughts in the field of contemporary art. For this, a series of lectures and discussions will be led by a number of experts and curators of international caliber to enliven Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015.