Fonny Lau, Jessie Leung, Joey Leung, Julvian Ho, Wong Tong, Zhang Zhe and eight artists from Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society (Anita Lau Kam Chee, Chan Sing Kau, Jiwye To, Margaret Kwok Fan Yeung, Nina Pryde, Rick Chan Chak Fai, Stella Yau Mui Chun, and Wong Wai Keung)  
6 MAR - 27 APR, 2014
Asian Art
After a decade of bringing in exciting art discoveries from around the world - notably from Indonesia, to Hong Kong,  Sin Sin is delighted to share a recent discoveries she found closer to home at JCCAC (Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre) in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. In December 2013, Sin Sin attended the opening of FIVE, a group exhibition held at JCCAC in celebration of their 5th Anniversary, featuring works by their tenants. Some of the works she saw that evening captured her imagination and spoke directly to her current mission to delve deeper into Hong Kong art scene at grass root level through the space she has at Sin Sin Fine Art. It has always been her greatest joy to gather creative energy and to inspire more people.   Thus the first ever collaboration between Sin Sin Fine Art and JCCAC is born, manifested in this HONG KONG FORWARDS group exhibition. Sin Sin Fine Art and JCCAC are excited to show recent works by Fonny Lau, Jessie Leung, Joey Leung, Julvian Ho, Wong Tong, Zhang Zhe and eight artists from Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society (Anita Lau Kam Chee, Chan Sing Kau, Jiwye To, Margaret Kwok Fan Yeung, Nina Pryde, Rick Chan Chak Fai, Stella Yau Mui Chun, and Wong Wai Keung).   The works shown in HONG KONG FORWARDS range from paintings to drawing on wooden panel, from ceramic to sculpture, from installation to art happening - showcasing a fresh eye on the scope of art practice by local artists in Hong Kong today.   Meet the artists during the ArtWalk on 12 March 2014. To further encourage and facilitate dialogues between local artists, Meeting Point with Artists @ Sin Sin will be held at Sin Sin Fine Art on 11 April 2014. The Meeting Point with Artists @ Sin Sin is open to everyone who wishes to participate. Any artist and artlover in Hong Kong are encouraged to join the gathering and benefit from it. More detail on the exact time will be announced later.         __________________________     About JCCAC   Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (aka JCCAC) is an award winning architectural conversion from the former Shek Kip Mei Factory Estate, which was a stronghold for cottage industries half a century ago. It opened in 2008 and operates as a self-financed, registered charity. As a multi-disciplinary arts village and art centre, JCCAC provides studio facilities for the arts community and a relaxed environment for the public to experience arts and culture. Visitors are welcome to stroll around freely during opening hours to discover for themselves the creative spirit of the place. As an arts village, JCCAC is the operation base for over 100 artists/art organisations pursuing their work in a wide array of art forms, from visual arts (including Chinese and Western painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, glass, multimedia installation, etc), to performing arts (e.g. music, dance, drama, etc) and other art forms (e.g. design, film, community art, etc). Many artists are self-employed and have to juggle multiple jobs. The units are mostly used as art studios and/or offices, where at the door visitors can often find programme and contact information about the artist or arts organisation for reference. Visitors interested to visit studios may directly contact the artist for appointment, or may register to join in one of our regular public guided tours.  JCCAC includes a tea house, café and craft shops. Artworks can be found dotted around the public spaces, and there are two major venues, the Black Box Theatre and two levels of Galleries. Programmes organised by artists, such as experimental stage performances, themed exhibitions and art workshops, are usually held during weekends. Regular public events presented by JCCAC include the annual JCCAC Festival in December, quarterly Handicraft Fair, rooftop film screening and public guided tours. Visitors may obtain programme information from the JCCAC website at www.jccac.org.hk, the published monthly programme guide or by subscribing to JCCAC e-news. JCCAC believe in the importance of the arts in helping to build a creative and civilised society. Our aspiration is to play a part in supporting arts development in Hong Kong through the provision of space for creative work, nurturing young talents, and the promotion of arts and culture in general.   __________________________     About The Artists     Fonny Lau Graduated from the Graphic Communication program at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fonny started her career as a graphic and exhibition designer in the Hong Kong Museum of Art, inspiring her to further explore her own passions for art and design. Driven by her diverse passions, she pursued her studies in ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and floral art at the Sogetsu School of International Ikebana, and recently graduated as a Master of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. Fonny works with natural materials to create art, which exudes human warmth and delicacy. She creates her installations by bringing ‘things’ together, allowing the juxtaposed materials to speak for themselves. She ‘rearranged’ ‘things’ into artworks, drawing attention to the interdependent relationships between these materials and the space surrounding them.     Jessie Leung Jessie Leung is a graduate of The Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She was winner of numerous scholarships and awards, including the Padma & Hari Harilela Scholarship and the New Trend Award 2010. Her works are in various private collections.   Her works are abundant with stout and clumsy figures that reflect certain aspects of the artist’s inner-being and self-image. Jessie Leung is obsessed with fat flesh. Her works attempt to explore the differences between human and animals, and also challenge the tradition of Chinese figure paintings. She adopted the traditional Chinese gonbi/fine brush painting technique to exaggerate “fatness” through a series of portraits with fat ladies, toddlers and bugs. During the creative process, she finds that the mind-surging ink splash for creating the body mass allows her emotional outlet, while the delicate fine brush painting of the details and insects calms her mind. Just like addiction, she cannot stop indulging herself in creating plump and grossly obese figures. She is addicted to fatness and hopes that the audience will have fun viewing her works.     Joey Leung Joey Leung has been a professional photographer since 2001, but meanwhile has been devoting time to develop himself as a professional ceramicist. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) majoring in ceramic from RMIT University in 2011. Joey uses both ceramic and photography as media to express himself and his opinions towards the relationship between people, society and nature. Joey has won numerous awards from the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association, and his ceramic works are in various private collections. Fish is a reoccuring motif in Joey’s work. Artistically interpreted and hand-painted by Joey, his fish images merge both traditional and modern elements - making them uniquely Joey’s.  Elements are diverse and include folk tradition, images and happenings in current society, and even people’s aspirations for life and after death. He tries to put both his emotion and thoughts into the work at the same time, rather than just offering something beautiful for the eyes to look at, thus encouraging the audience to feel and think.           Julvian Ho Born in 1988, Ho Julvian has a B.A.(Hons) in Visual Arts and is currently studying for  Master of Visual Arts (Studio arts & Extended media) at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. ”I question how identities are built. One’s identity is formed because of other identities; it’s what we call relationships; relationships with society, friends, family and lover. One affects the other, one forms the other, one deforms the other, one is trying to be reformed because of the other. I want to record the whole process and represent it by drawings/paintings with a certain situation-like setting, like creating circumstances, the interdependent relationships between these materials and the space surrounding them.”       Wong Tong Wong Tong graduated from RMIT University jointly organized with the Hong Kong Arts Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). His works are mostly painting, with preference to oil painting. Wong likes the slow process of oil painting which allows him to think not only about the artwork itself, but also his life, the path he’s taking as well as his ideas and beliefs. Wong also has a talent of making a wide collection of art in different medium. He has participated in many exhibitions in Hong Kong, such as his installation work for the exhibition “City Lights Dian” at K11 Art Space in 2012, also his painting series of “Clouds and Flowing Water Line”, and more recently his sculptural work “Memory x Memory x Memory x Time” - both at Sin Sin Fine Art in 2013.             Zhang Zhe Zhang Zhe is a sculptor who was born and resides in Hong Kong. His works are critically acclaimed and have been exhibited around the world, including in Europe, Asia and North America. An innovative artist, he is interested in creating works of sculpture using non-traditional materials, breaking the boundaries of tradition and leading to almost complete freedom of materials and processes. His works have also been commissioned by hotels, most recently by Hotel L\'Elan.     Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society   Anita Lau Kam Chee Born in Hong Kong, Anita Lau completed a diploma course in Modern Chinese Ink Painting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1981.  She is known for her ink diffusion painting techniques, which create great depth in her works. Besides her six solo exhibitions in Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong, she has also participated in numerous joint exhibitions around the world.  In 1992, she was short-listed for the Creativity Award in the Modern Ink Painting category by Taipei Fine Arts Museum.  In 2004, her works were entered into the 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition of the Republic of China.  She has published two painting albums, and many of her works have been collected by galleries and museums in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.     Chan Shing Kau Graduated from the Hong Kong Grantham College of Education majoring in art and design, Chan Shing Kau holds a Diploma in Modern Chinese Ink Painting from the Department of Extramural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a degree in Chinese language and literature from Hong Kong Baptist University. Since 1975, he has held various solo and joint exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other overseas countries. His publications include 5 albums of paintings. His works are collected by museums, galleries and private collectors. Jiwye To Jiwye To mixes the idea of Zen, Phenomenology and Emptiness as his view on life and nature and the elements of his art. He showcases plenty of blank space in his painting to present the aesthetics of Emptiness.  Jiwye creates an infinite imagination to the spectators, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of meditation and feel virtually free.     Margaret Kwok Fan Yeung Margaret Yeung creates her artwork through digital coding from the Chinese keyboard. She generates the \"crackled wall texture stroke\" by computer software, demonstrating the destruction of Chinese culture in the Computer Age.  By means of integrating Chinese painting with computer technology, she has committed herself to exploring for the \"hybridity\" and \"harmoniousness\" between them.     Nina Pryde Nina Pryde was born in Hong Kong and she has practiced in various techniques and mediums for more than 30 years, including traditional and modern ink painting, calligraphy, prints, oil, acrylic, water colours, sculpting and ceramics. In 2007, Nina was awarded a Master\'s Degree in Fine Arts by the Royal Melbourne Institute of  Technology.   One of the creative concepts behind Nina Pryde’s paintings is to present new forms of artistic expression with the adaptation of traditional techniques. She has married history, architecture, and calligraphy with collage. Her pieces are technically distinctive. In her landscapes and three-dimensional works, one can see how traditional Chinese painting techniques and contemporary aesthetics beautifully blend together. Nina\'s Ink Painting has been recognized with numerous awards including RMIT Outstanding Students Award in 2007, selection for exhibition in the 2009 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards and 2013 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards Finalist. Her work has been exhibited both internationally and in Hong Kong and is in the collections of the Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong as well as private organizations and art collectors.   Nina is the honorary chairperson of the Hong Kong Ink Painting Society.     Rick Chan Chak Fai Using exploratory techniques to experiment the innovative aspect of Contemporary Ink Art from the perspective of its scales, materials, methods of fabrication, the traditional contents and personal preferences in aesthetic rhyme between East and West. Trying to envision what form or content of post-modern era painting could be offered in today\'s environment by mixing and blending of the two cultures. Visual abstracts can only be achieved with the understanding of nature imperfection, and with the intelligence of how scientific connotation derived from materials fabrication. With many different painting and fabrication know-how, one could express the inner nature of one\'s mental image from simplicity to compulsion, from directness to restraint, from instinct to wisdom, from lyric to reticence, and from spontaneous to repetitive.     Stella Yau Mui Chun Stella Yau Mui Chun has learning about contemporary Chinese Ink painting from teacher Chan Kwan Lap since 2009. In 2011, with the encouragement of teacher Chan Kwan Lap, she participated in The 28th Sino-Japanese International Calligraphy and Painting Competition - in which she was awarded bronze award. She continued to develop a great appreciation of nature and the greatness of Creator under the guidance from teacher Chan Kwan Lap. In her process of creating art, she aims to strike a spiritual and state of mind interaction with spectator.     Wong Wai Keung Born in Hong Kong, Wong Wai Keung graduated from the Design Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic, was conferred the Advanced Diploma Programme in Chinese Ink Painting with distinction by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (School of Continuing and Professional Studies).   Wong was once employed as Setting Designer by the Hong Kong Television & Broadcasting Limited and the Radio Television Hong Kong respectively. Afterwards, he has been running a product design workshop hitherto. Apart from his profession, he has a passionate interest in painting since his childhood, particularly in Modern Ink Painting. He has participated in several collective exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China as well as Taiwan.   For high resolution images and further information please contact:   info@sinsinfineart.com 2858 5072     Sin Sin Fine Art 53-54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: (852) 2858 5072 info@sinsinfineart.com | www.sinsin.com.hk Open:  Mon – Sat   9:30am - 6:30pm Closed:  Sundays and Public Holidays