21 - 30 NOV, 2012
53 – 54 SAI STREET
Asian Art

Self Healing with more fun and joy in art

Since 2009, Sin Sin Fine Art and Art in Hospital have been collaborating in "Reach for the HeART" program to provide free art workshops and other art activities that are specially designed for elderly patients with chronic diseases in public hospitals. We believe that people in sickness could enjoy happiness in creating art and to promote the belief in self healing through art activities. The project has been well received by the elderly, their family members and the medical staff in hospitals. They created many astonishing artworks which expressed their positive energy. The power of color has no difference on age and ability. You will definitely be amazed by the creativity and the choices of color demonstrated by the elderly. Creativity is not the patent of young people.

Continuing this meaningful program, Sin Sin Fine Art and Art in Hospital eagerly present a series of fundraising events. The first event is a solo exhibition by an American artist Rick Lewis "Wind Against Tide" at Sin Sin Fine Art, in which part of the sales will be donated to the "Reach for the HeART" program. Selected artworks created by the elderlies are printed as special greeting cards with the sponsorship of Asia One, and will be available for purchase in AO: The Photo Book Center in IFC and Chai Wan. Exquisite jewelries, designed by the late jewelry master Jean-François Fichot will be available for purchase during this event as well. A portion of the profit from all these sales will be donated to the "Reach for the HeART" program.

"Reach for the HeART" will continue in 2013 serving various hospitals including Caritas Medical Centre, Kowloon Hospital, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Pok Oi Hospital. We hope this series of fundraising events could contribute to provide more elderly patients with free art workshops to bring more joy and fun in their lives.




自2009年起, Sin Sin Fine Art與藝術在醫院一直合作無間,將「心窗」藝術工作坊帶到香港不同的醫院裡,將創作藝術的喜悅帶給醫院裡的長期病患住院長者,推動藝術自癒這個理念。直至今年,這計劃在各間醫院都得到非常熱烈的回響,也創作了很多令人讚嘆的藝術品,無論長者、其家人及醫護人員,都感受到藝術帶給他們的正能量。色彩的感染力是不分年齡及能力,長者的創作力及顏色的運用往往是出人意表,不遜於年青藝術家!

於本年度的下旬,Sin Sin Fine Art與藝術在醫院將再推出一連串的籌款活動,繼續為這個具意義的計劃籌募經費。第一炮為十一月美國藝術家Rick LewisSin Sin Fine Art舉行「Wind Against Tide」作品展,出售藝術品之部分收入將撥捐「心窗」工作坊。另外我們將揀選長者們創作的精彩作品,製作一系列心意咭,由Asia One贊助印刷,在AO: The Photo Book Center (IFC &柴灣)發售;亦會售賣已故法國珠寶設計大師rt Jean-François Fichot的當代珠寶設計首飾。所有售賣項目的部份收入將撥捐「心窗」工作坊。



 "Reach for the HeART" Fundraising Programs

Luncheon at WILD GRASS
A new restaurant by Jean-Paul Gauci, a prominent chef and former owner of Cococabana.
21 November 12.30 pm
Wild Grass, 1/F, 4 - 8 Arbuthnot Road, Central
50% will be donated to RftH.

Rick Lewis Solo Exhibition "Wind Against Tide"
Opening Reception: 22 November
Exhibition Duration: 22 November – 31 December
Part of the sales proceeds to RftH. 

Charity Greeting cards
We are honored to have invited Asia One to generously sponsor the printing of the greeting cards. The cards feature artwork created by five patients who have been involved in Art in Hospital program. These cards will be available to purchase in AO: The Photo Book Center in IFC and Chai Wan as well as at Sin Sin Atelier.
$100 per pack of 10 cards with envelops.
100% donated to the program.

AO: The Photo Book Center:
IFC–Shop 3021, Level 3, IFC Mall
Chai Wan–G/F, Asia One Tower, 8 Fung Yip Street

Jean-François Fichot's jewelry
Exquisite jewelries, designed by the late jewelry master will be available for purchase during the charity Luncheon at Wild Grass as well as at Sin Sin Atelier.

Tai Chi Qigong class - Self-healing Qigong
Qi is Energy and Gong is Work. Qigong is simply energy work or exercise. When you try to understand it more deeply, you will realize that Qigong is an art, an ancient Chinese wisdom, an unique technique to strengthen our health condition and also a powerful energy exercise. One of the main features of Qigong is its soft and gentle movements. This makes it suitable for everyone. Despite its softness and gentleness, it however works on all essential vital elements of quality health effectively and efficiently. These elements are relaxations, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and internal Energy.

In this session, Master Lawrence Tse would be teaching the powerful self-healing Qigong exercises. He would spend some time on individual need as well.

23 November 6.30 - 8 pm
Sin Sin Fine Art, 54 Sai Street
Price: HKD 200 per person