Monti Lai

Hazel Chiu

Lau Gukzik

Stephanie Sin

Alice Kok

Suzy Cheung

Margaret Chu

Lam Laam Jaffa

Helen Lau

Linda Liao


11 FEB - 8 MAR, 2011
Asian Art
For the start of the Year of the Rabbit, Sin Sin Fine Art is delighted to announce its first exhibition “Women Artists 211” showcasing work from 10 local women artists. There have been various beliefs of the origins of the Lantern Festival but it is clear that it has been the domain of ladies for quite a long time now. To continue the Chinese tradition of celebrating the Lantern Festival and to unveil the growing influences of women in the local art scene, Sin Sin introduces 10 of the most charming and powerful local women artists in Hong Kong today. The show will be unique and exciting with a great variety of work including installation, sculpture, video, photography, print-making, paintings and ceramics all juxtaposing against each other. Sin Sin selected the date of February 17th (Thursday night) for the exhibition opening, which is also the date of the Lantern Festival. Chinese sweet delicacies will be served that night as part of the festival’s tradition. Come and join us for this colourful reunion. We wish you all a warm and prosperous year of the Rabbit! BIOGRAPHY OF THE ARTISTS SUZY CHEUNG Born in Hong Kong, Suzy received her training in visual design in the USA and Canada. Since her return to Hong Kong in 1984, she has worked as a freelance art director for feature films, stage productions and TV commercials. She began working with Ceramics in 1990, and in recent years has focused on creating with clay. Suzy graduated and obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree with The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2006. She is currently a Gallery manager/co-curator and a teaching staff at The Pottery Workshop. HAZEL CHIU Hazel obtained her MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from University of Leicester in 2006. She is a seasoned art administrator and has organized many exhibitions and educational arts activities. Having attended the International Center of Photography in New York, she is also an artist and professional fine art and portrait photographer. MARGARET CHU After getting her bachelor's degree from the Fine Arts Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she has gained in-depth experience in the creative fields, including design, art creation, and art administration. Recently she is busy teaching art to children and making her own sculptures. She believes through these endeavors her ultimate goal in creation will be achieved, which is to seek for a better future for all mankind. ALICE KOK Born in Macau, Alice left for France in 1998. She graduated in 2004 with the National Diploma of Master Degree in Fine Arts in Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse in France. Since then she has been living and working in Paris until she returns to Macau in 2007. Alice's earlier works based on the idea of Multiculturalism at the post-colonial époque. After her travel in India and Tibet, she started to incorporate Buddhist Philosophy and meditation practices into her artistic expressions. LAM LAAM JAFFA Lam received her BFA, MFA and Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is now teaching at the Hong Kong Art School. Lam is a sculptor specializing in large scale site-specific works of mixed media sculptural installations, which are mainly made with recycled materials like crate wood, old furniture and recycled fabric. Apart from solo exhibitions, Lam was invited to take part in many local and international exhibitions, as well as artist residency programmes in Kenya, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Shanghai, New York and Toronto, etc. MONTI LAI Born in Hong Kong, Monti Lai’s works propose a way to see the surrounding environments. Most works are site specific and involve found materials. They reflect on personal observations, and in particular, the relation between art and the environment. Environmental Art for her is not merely about nature or landscapes, but the focus on the relation between human beings and the entities surrounding them. HELEN LAU Born in Hong Kong, Helen finished her Diploma of Fine Arts course at Hong Kong Art School in 2006. Since she started her art career, she had tried to explore different kinds of materials as a new language besides writing, and has displayed her work in poetic ways, which all talk about heaven & earth, life & death, and the issue of time & space. LAU GUKZIK Lau Gukzik graduated from the Ontario College of Arts in Toronto and received a Master's Degree from the Royal College of Art in London in 1990. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong, focusing on creating work and art education. She believes in the Buddhist notion that “you are what you think, act and behave, in the past and also at present”. She believes that the more you understand yourself, the more creative you will be, and that creativity is beneficial to oneself as well as to society. To teach is to share this wonderful thing. LINDA LIAO Linda Liao was born in an engineers’ family in Nanning, China. Growing up in the countryside of this region during the Cultural Revolution, she turns to drawing and painting for refuge. Linda's aspiration for art has never stopped. She took drawing classes, studied oil paintings with artist, and visited museums looking at masterpieces when she was living in Australia in the 80s and Europe in the 90s. Linda has been continuously and extensively reading literature, philosophy, contemporary art movements, appreciating music and contemporary dance. STEPHANIE SIN Stephanie Sin Long-yee completed her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art - Painting) degree, co-presented by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, and the Hong Kong Art School 2007. Currently, Sin is using paint as her major media and produces abstract, psychological paintings.