FRIDAY 9 DECEMBER, 2011, 6 – 9 PM

9 - 31 DEC, 2011

52 – 54 SAI STREET

Asian Art

Sin Sin Fine Art and Art in Hospital are delighted to present our annual charity exhibition. 1/3 of the sales from the art exhibition will be donated to Reach for the HeART programme.

Please click ‘View Works’ above for all the artworks. All are available through pre-sale.

Reach for the HeART programme was initiated by Sin Sin Fine Art in 2009. It provides free art workshops and other art activities that are specially designed for elderly patients with chronic diseases in public hospitals. It is a programme run by Art in Hospital, a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong.

We believe that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, reduce stress, increase self esteem and contributes to their overall well-being. We have been encouraged by the positive feedback from the programme and hope to bring joy and light into the lives of increasing numbers of elderly patients.

Since its inception in 2009, 88 workshops and 4 exhibitions have been organized in four hospitals, with over 1,000 elderly patients and their families benefiting from the programme. We hope to raise sufficient funds to offer regular free art workshops in six hospitals in 2012, to benefit more patients.

Participating Artists:
Ann Niu • Damon Tong • Fung Ming Chip • Gavin Au • Hengki Pudjianto • I Gusti Ngurah Buda • Jaffa Lam • Julia Nee Chu • Kokok P. Sancoko • Koon Wai Bong • Lee Man Sang • Mak Sau Ying • Maria Lobo • Rick Lewis • Stephanie Sin • Sun Guangyi • Suzy Cheung • Tang Kwok Hin • Tilo Kaiser • Wong Wing Tong • Wong Yan Kwai •

Sin Sin Fine Art

心窗2009Sin Sin Fine Art發起的一個藝術計劃,提供免費的藝術活動工作坊及展覽給公立醫院的長期病患住院長者參加。此計劃「藝術在醫院」執行,目的是透過藝術創作過程,令住院長者有機會自我表達並分享喜樂增加自信,從而培養長者對生命的熱愛幫助們減低在病榻中的憂慮及壓力。


牛安 • 唐偉傑 • 馮明秋 • 區家耀 • Hengki Pudjianto • I Gusti Ngurah Buda • 林嵐 • 邱久麗 • Kokok P. Sancoko • 管偉邦 • 李文生 • 麥秀英 • Maria Lobo • Rick Lewis • 冼朗兒 • 孫廣義 • 張啟新 • 鄧國騫 • Tilo Kaiser • 王永棠 • 黃仁逵 •


‘Reach for the HeART’ Fundraising Programmes

Fung Ming Chip Artist Talk
17 November

Luncheon at the KEE Club
6 December
(KEE Club, Level 6, 32 Wellington Street)
50% will be donated to RftH.

Sandra d'Auriol Jewellery Christmas Show
7 - 8 December
20% will be donated to RftH.

MCCM Creations book sales
9 - 11 December
15% sales will be donated to RftH.

Greeting card
Blank cards featuring artwork by 5 patients who participated in the Reach for the HeART programme.
$150 per pack of 10 cards with matching envelops.
100% donated to the programme.

Christmas Shopping at Sin Sin Atelier
9 December
20% of the sales will be donated to RftH.