W o n g   H o w   M a n

In 2002, Time Magazine honored Wong How Man among their selection of 25 Asian Heroes, calling Wong "China's most accomplished living explorer".

Wong How Man is Founder and President of the China Exploration & Research Society, a pre-eminent non-profit organization specializing in exploration, research, conservation and education in remote China. Prior to starting his own organization in 1986 in the U.S., Wong has led six major expeditions for the National Geographic. On one of those expeditions, Wong was credited with the discovery of a new source for the Yangtze River.

As an explorer/photographer/writer for the magazine, his article was nominated for the Overseas Press Club Award of America. His latest books "An Exploration Series" Closer to Heaven and Closer to Earth, include a collection of bilingual short articles written while Wong was in the field, with spectacular pictures illustrating these stories. His book "From Manchuria to Tibet" won the prestigious Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Gold Award in 1999. His two CD-Roms, "Exploring the Yangtze" and "Tibet" won 11 and 5 international awards respectively. His project on restoring Tibetan monasteries and murals won him the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 1993.

Wong holds several academic titles to research institutes. His work is regularly featured on international media including CNN, ABC, CNBC, Discovery Channel and others. His work is supported by leading corporations and individuals. They include Shell, Coca-Cola, IBM, Kodak, UBS, HSBC, Panasonic, Land Rover and many others.

His personal motto, "It is not enough to conduct worthy and successful projects. We have to solve problems with innovative approach." The first part is soothing to the heart, the latter is where the challenge comes in.