R o l f   L o r e n z

Rolf Christopher Lorenz was born in Singapore in 1960, and has lived several years in California, Bali, South Africa, Paris and India. He trained in Photography with a BA in Film and Photography from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Berkley, California. He has worked for private clients in New York, Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong, Beijing, Mexico and France. Lorenz works with Photography, the giclee printing process, chalk, pastel and mixed media.  His work is mostly based on personal expression the language of the interior. Lorenz now lives and works in London.

The concept of Wabi Sabi, (of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete) has inspired me to work with charcoal and earth pigments on paper, both gifts form nature," says Rolf Lorenz. "The shapes and textures drawn and simulated by hand are reflections of man's imperfect nature and purity. I choose to reflect on the impermanence of existence, the fields of grasses, all of which die to be reborn in the spring, the slow but beautiful decay of wooden twine and branch, the abstract, almost incongruous yet perfect shapes created by nature. Even the perfection of a metal forged structure must one day return to its natural element, no matter what disguise it hides within. Man himself must one day be reduced to ashes to merge once again with life's endless cycle."

Education and Background
Art and Design, Brighton Polytechnic
BA in Photography and Film Making, London College of Printing, London
Photography and Film Making, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California, USA

"wabi.sabi", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

"Monolith to Dialogue", Smithfield Gallery, London
Affordable Art Fair, Art Philo, London

"Blind Faith", Pall Mall Deposit, London

"Indochine", Rosemont Studio, London

"Message on a Postcard", Rosemont Studios, London

Fresh Art Fair, Islington Business Design Centre, London

Cobalt Pharmaceuticals, Toronto, Canada

Arrow Pharmaceuticals, London, UK

Pharmaceuticals, Malta Airport